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Is the HIV test conclusive at 12 weeks? I will use a 4 generation test.
Has anyone ever tested negative with a 4 generation test at 12 weeks then after became positive?

Thank you!!!!!
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you have been told REPEATEDLY...on this forum AND the expert forum...that you had NO RISK ! ! !
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I would like to only understand...thats all.
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Dr.HHH or Dr.EWH never saw a negative test at 6 weeks turn out positive later and they are the experts in the field.
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Clearle you need to test for peace of mind, you did not have a risk and do not need to test.  I do, however, understand your need to do this because of the stress it is causing you.

Any generation of test (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th) can be considered conclusive and reliable at 12 weeks.

When you collect your negative result you really need to move on from this.  Don't question the test, the window period etc...

You wil be negative, figure out how to accept it when you get this in black and white and stop worrying.
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I really don't know why my mind won't let relax!!! All i know is that at 12 weeks i will do the test and if its ok i will even hit myself in the face to spot worrying.

Thanks all you guys always helping people out there.
Monday is the day!

Best wishes to all.
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12 weeks will be conclusive and expect a negative result seeing as though you never had a risk in the first place.
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