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hello to all need help i got my self tested for hiv 45 days after exposure via CMIA test and the result was non reactive now i am considering a 3 month test that is on 17 of march but the problem is it may sound bizarre i got a rabies vaccine on 4 th of march now i am concerned can a rabies vaccine show a false positive? if yes then what should i do?WOULD BE GREAT HELP
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What was your possible exposure?
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Possibly unprotected Sex with csw in hong kong I say possible causer I was drunk although I did see a used condom in the morning but still why take chances
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Do the 3 month test to get a conclusive result as that is the only way to confirm if you got infected or not. Teak helped me through my anxiety and i am sure he will tell you to wait the 3 months. March 17th is very near so please hang in there buddy as i know how nerve wrecking it can be.
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thanks a lot ....i agree and i am ready for the testt getting to know your status is probably the best i can do after begin so dumb But my real question is wether i can get a HIV false positive if i am taking anti rabies vaccine as i ave to take 5 shots and the dates are as 3  march 8th march and so on ????Coz the doc here says a 6 week result is final and i tested twice that is 5th day and 45 day
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the TEST was 4th gen duo test cmia method using abott architect .I understand that CDC guidelines are a 3 month conclusive but here in India the doctors are off the view that a 6 week negative doesn't require any more testing.The 3 month test is my personal choice
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i am worried if i get false positive then what will i do ? i am thinking i should take 5 test and maybe ask for a western blot as well?ANY ADVICE?
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WB is only reserved for a positive antibody test. Your test is conclusive at 3 months, but I doubt you didn't use a condom.
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even i doubt it but the problem is i am not certain and the most important question is can anti rabies give a false positive if yes then how to get tested?
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Hello to all and hope you all are fine and thanks a lot for helping me out in my stressfull time ..... I took my 87 th day test came out negative cmia architect I know it is negative and conclusive and you will say that I am beign irrational and stupid, but here goes my question to all I have been having these small small rashes all over my body and have a sore throat I know that testing is conclusive but please can you just suggest that can anyhow or in any circumstances hiv test be wrong it was done on abott architect can you please throw some light on the way it is tested.and how the machine works.and is there anyway they can mix a result or maybe do something wrong it was done at BL KAPOOR hospital in delhi india
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Move along, your test was conclusive and we don't entertain anxiety fueled questions.
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Hello just dropping bye and firstly thanks a lot teak you are the best person on earth guiding everyone no words can even describe what all are you doing for the community may God bless you with all that you want......mm got tested after 5,45,87 days after exposure all the results negative but this anxiety of false negative because of something wrong with the machine etc was killing me went to a pshycatrist and was treated with obsession syndrome so the doc said why don't you take a test at some other hospital not that you need just to calm your nerves so getting tested tomorrow scared like he'll again discussed with my fiance even she wa okay but now I feel all the more guilty coz of my stupid behaviour plz guys wish me luck
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I hope this is my last visit To the hospital all these thoughts what if...
Wre ruining my personal my mental and career life just hope god gives me one more chance to live a normal life just one chance
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