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hello, i am 29 year old male from india. few weeks ago i had unprotected vaginal sex with sex worker and protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with anther sex worker after 2-3 week from my first exposure. After that i got yeast infection , flu, fever , Headache, some red spot on armpit etc....

I got tested after 1 month (First exposure) and 1 week after second for HIV, VDRL and HepatitisB through rapid tridot test in a small private LAB  and the results are negative.

after 6 week (First exposure) and 3 week second i tested again with the same test and LAB, results are negative.

after 8 week (First exposure) and 5 week second i tested again with the same test and LAB, results are negative.

after 10 week (First exposure) and 7 week second i tested again with the same test and LAB, results are negative.

NOW after 91 days (First exposure) and 10 week after second i got tested with two different rapid hiv test and with same test for VDRL and HepatitisB and the result are NEGATIVE for all.

Should i need further testing ?
Should i have to change the testing method ?

Please reply with your advise ...!!!!!!

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since your ONLY exposure was the unprotected vaginal sex, your test at 91 days is conclusive...PROVING that you don't have hiv.  further testing is not needed.

USE CONDOMS...sex lasts a few minutes.  HIV LASTS A LIFETIME ! ! !
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Dear Lizzie,
Thanks for your advise!!! Your advise for me just like a GOD'S blessing!

one last question :- I got tested through rapid test kit from JMitra Tridot and on 91 days with Rackon Triline hiv test kit which is i think not approved by FDA.
Is this sufficient or i have to change the testing method?
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As Lizzie said your test is conclusive.
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Thanks a TON
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just  tested with anther rapid test and  got the +ve result . what should i do ?
pls help
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Move along you already received your conclusive negative test result.
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