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hi everyone,

Well, my story is about aids.
When i was with my Xgf, we were both virgins. She told me that she never had sex. i told her neither me. We did it the first time with condom. It was a bit hard to insert my penis, but when i did, she bled a lot. I didn't ejaculate, it was hurting her, she wanted to stop.
The second time, also with condom, we did it, she bled didn't ejaculate, she was hurt.
The third time she came to my house, and i was taking her downstairs to her dad, we did something on the stairs, we had sex, a 1-2 minute thing, but without protection. I was telling myself that she's virgin she don't have anything.
So then t night a told my friend, He told me that I'm crazy, that she may have something, i told him she's virgin, then he told me maybe she was born with it, i told him, if she was born with it, and didn't know she wouldn't be here, she would be dead, (we are both 17, me and my Xgf)
Then he told me that, if she was lying to you. He convinced me.
Arrived at home, i began researches and all.

Then stayed with this fear for 66 days, then had an oraquick test  (the home one), but i didn't swab it, just put it on my gums, then i called the cdc, he told me that i should take another one. But the C line was here. So it was working and i was negative. I took another one, and it was also negative, i did it right, the second one.
But then i read that it still not accurate until 3 months, so 12 weeks, and i was just at 9,5 weeks. so keep stressing.

Then, i talked to her, (on the phone) explained her when we talked back, 10 weeks after the exposure, my fear during those 10 weeks. I asked her if she had something, if she was born with AIDS. She told me that i was stressing for nothing, that she wasn't born with it.
But i still don't believe her.
Yesterday i met her, and asked he never had something with another guy, or if she was born with aids she said no. i asked her to sear, she told me that her parents educated her not to swear.
Because i'm afraid, i'm gonna make a test tomorrow, in a lab.
But i have some questions.

1) my 9,5 weeks oraquick home swab is it accrue, in which percentage is it ?

2) do the lab require my age ? because i'm 17 and don't want my parents to know.

3) can i get infected by something in the lab by the needle ? Because i'm really afraid, I'm in Africa, so here the rates are high.

4) will my 87 day test be accure ?

5)if i make to, after 2 hours of running, will it affect my results ?

6) if i do it before 2 hours of running, will it affect me ?

7) the results will take 24 hours to get it, and about 33$. and when i asked here, what is the post exposure delay, for the window period (on the phone), she told me 15 days (the knowledge that she have X_X'  ) . will it be a 3rd or 4 generation test, or they still use the 1st and 2nd generations in some countries ?

please help me !!
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Hi There.

Even if your ex was HIV Positive, there is only a 1 in 1000 chance that you would catch it from one exposure.

By the sounds of it, she has been honest with you, if she had it from birth she would know and of course would have shared this with you.

Take your test as above and then accept the result an NEVER give it another thought from this exposure, I fully expect your test to come back Negative!!

Best Wishes

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I do not think she have hiv, your test rule it out. Your friend was right about people born with STD and don't even know it! But if you born in the US there nothing to be worry about, this only happen in other country. My gf was born with hbv and herpes, I was lucky that I vaccine before meet her. My curious was not luck, he or his wife did not vaccine so they pass to each other. So next time alway used protection and if you were thinking about long relationship get tested for both. It is good that you already worry about this at young age!
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Ah ok, thanks for your answers, but will my test be accrue at 87 days ?
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100% accurate at 87 days! :)
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Hi everybody, well i got my 87 days test, it was a 4th generation one, and negative.

Antigen Hiv P24 --> 0,00 --> Negative (0,25)

Antibodies Hiv1 and Hiv 2 --> 0,03 ( is this normal) --> negative ( 0,08 --> negative ( <1.00)

So right now, i'm sure that i don't have Hiv.

But, there's something else that is stressing me.
What if i caught another std, like PHV, or herpes, or something else ?
Or making here, a virgin will put the risk, near 0 or even 0 ?

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And thanks for the answer, really, i appreciate !
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We all knew it would be Negative.

As unlikely as it is, if you are concerned just get a full std check (Not HIV!!!) up - I think your anxiety is just running away with you that's all.

Best Wishes

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Thanks man. Really.
But, as i told you, it will be really expensive for me, about 300$.
      But, theorically, not statically ! She was virgin before me, and i was too. How can she become infected !?
       So, i think i'll just move on. Take this as a huge lesson of life, and from now respect the hiv+ people, because i've learned things about them during those 12 weeks.
      I also think that after 1-2 day of peace of mind, my anxiety wanted to run away XD.

Thanks for everything, Rocket27rocket and feedbadbad .
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+ She never gave an oral, She didn't even wanted to give me one.
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No worries buddy - you are most welcome! :)

It sounds like you have everything in hand - well done for this and all the best!


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Go to your local health department, they will do std check for free. Some clinic also will do for free, and free vaccine if you did not have it yet, check online!! Check it and get it over with!
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