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i have my last question and hope to not bother you. May I know what is the risk of hiv given in this scenario.

im having an injection  then the one injecting me poked her hand with my used needle then she used it again to inject me. was this a high risk if she is hiv positive? Thank u for answering.
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You seem to have a needle phobia and an irrational fear of health care workers.  NO, you have no risk of HIV infection in this case.  I don't understand why she used the same needle to inject you, twice, but unless she put the needle into her vein, drew out her blood, then immediately injected her blood into you, you had ZERO risk for HIV.

If what I described above DID happen, then obviously it's a huge problem and you need to report it to the clinic or hospital you were visiting.
No blood from her vein but if she was poked with my needle then she injected it again to me, is there no risk for me if she is hiv positive?
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NO RISK.  I cannot say it any more clearly than that.  Unless someone takes a syringe WITH THEIR BLOOD INSIDE OF IT, and injects it into your vein, you cannot get HIV from a needle.  Period.
Thank you somuch
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