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HIV Test Confusions ??

Hiya ,

On 5th of June this year I had unprotected vaginal sex with someone whose status is unknown to me .
She done oral and than we completed unprotected vaginal sex .
It was one of the foolish thing I done in last few years.
Since it was a risk (although low) I prefer to test on 13th June and the result was negative .and I done another test on 14th of July that too came negative.
My questions are ;
1) why experts like Dr HHH said that it is now conclusive after 6 weeks.also on other forums sometime he said reliable at 20 days .
What is the science behind that ??
2) My 4th gen test is conclusive or not after 40 days.(testing and exposure day included)
3 ) if any thing is conclusive at 28 days than what is the need to confirm it again after 6 weeks or 3 months ??
4) And if the 4th gen test is not consider conclusive than what is the need for it ??
Please update !!!
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Yes, so having had unprotected vaginal intercourse is a risk, as you know. There are only three risks, having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles to inject drugs. Remember a condom next time. But since you had a risk, you did the right thing.  The risk is very low for a one time vaginal sex exposure of less than 1 percent. So, almost nothing. And your test at 40 days shows you didn't get HIV. 4th generation Duo tests are conclusive at 28 days and beyond.
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Thank you so much !!
Any retest needed or should forgot everything and move forward .
"Duo tests are conclusive at 28 days. "You don't double test for any other disease.
To answer your other question, when Dr HHH was posting, 4th Gen tests wernt as available as  they are now and alot of places were using the old test. But as mentioned your test is conclusive.
Means to say it is deemed conclusive without any ifs and buts .
And there is no keed to retest !!!
3 people in this thread have already told you your test is conclusive.  MOVE ON.

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