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HIV Test Inconclusive?

- What does that mean?

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That means it was neither positive nor negative.  Usually, you would be advised to retest.  What was your risk, and what kind of test did you take?
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My risk is pretty low, other than a tattoo recently. This kind of threw me for a loop I am pregnant and did not see this happenning. Does an inconclusive mean that they saw a number raised or that the test itself was messed up?

Thanks very much.
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This is a common occurence during pregnancy.  If you did not have a risk (unprotected vaginal or anal sex, or sharing IV drug works)...then you have nothing to worry about.

Getting a tattoo is not a risk for HIV.
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Why is this a Common occurence during Pregnancy? Do they use a less accurate test? My Doctor said it could have been from the tattoo if I am positive...
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During pregnancy, it is common to have false positive results, or inconclusive results.

Pregnant women produce antibodies that can sometimes be detected on an HIV test, causing the results to be + or inconclusive.

Like I said before...tattoos are NOT a risk for HIV.  NO ONE has ever gotten HIV from getting a tattoo.

If you didn't engage in any of the things I listed as risks, you have nothing to worry about,.
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Ok thanks, One more question. How long can someone have HIV with no symptoms? Or passing it onto your partener? We have been together for 10 years and we both trust each other. But what if my partener had had it this whole time?

Sorry for all the anxiety riddled questions.

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