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HIV Test Results, interpreting?

I had a very low risk encounter just over 3 weeks ago. Had HIV test done at my university, and received the results today.

Lab: *HIV (addl charge Western Blot)-L_52

Name: HIV 1/O/2 Abs-Index Value
Value: <1.00
Reference Range: <1.00

Name: 1/O/2 Abs, Qual
Value: Non Reactive
Reference Range: Non Reactive

As of now, do my results look okay? I was confused originally cause I saw "Western Blot" in the title, and I know that test is only used as a confirmation when the original test is positive. But I then figured this is just how the lab is titled, and it means that there is an additional charge if a WB is required. Is there anything in my results indicating that a WB test was done?

I will also get tested in another month to confirm.
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To start with, no such thing as a very low risk. Also a 3 week test is useless.

So what was your no risk event?
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Worded wrongly. "Low risk". Unprotected vaginal sex with a female. I meant low risk relative to other high risk activities (sharing needles, anal sex with another man, etc.). Female is a friend of mine with one previous partner.

I am curious why you think a test 3 weeks after is useless? According to the CDC, at 3 weeks, testing is at least 75% accurate. Like I said, I realize it is not 100% accurate, and I will get tested in another few weeks. My main concern was reading my test results, not debating the accuracy of HIV tests at certain points.
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The name of the test is "HIV 1/O/2 Abs-Index Value ", this is a antibody test for HIV 1 and 2. The only thing that you should be concerned ff is the value "Non reactive".
Any negative test is good. However you know the drill. You can take the same test at 6-8 weeks and then a conclusive one at 12 -13 weeks.
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Thank you at_ss. Not sure I quite understood this part of your post:

"The only thing that you should be concerned ff is the value "Non reactive"."

Was that a typo? Or are you saying there is something I should be concerned about? Because my test result does say "non reactive".
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It was a typo "ff" actually meant 'of".
In other words, in the HIV report, the only thing that makes a difference is 'Reactive which means positive' and 'Non-reactive which means negative'

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Thank you. Looks like I am good for now. I will get tested again in a couple of weeks, then again at the 3-4 month mark again.
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