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HIV Test kits in Australia

Hi, Does anyone know of an over the counter test kit for HIV in Australia?
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We don't have over the counter test kits for HIV in Australia,we don't even have rapid tests except for a few clinics in sydney.
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Thanks rain lover, not sure why this is but seems really stupid? I have found a online rapid test. Cheers and thanks for the reply
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You can blame the Australian government for Australia not having rapid tests avaliable to the public because they believe HIV is not a problem in Australia.By the way,if that online test you found is not a home access kit then it's not an approved test.
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This is it?

Is this govenment kidding theselves???? How bloody ignorant
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I don't believe thats an FDA approved test.There are 28,000 people who have HIV in Australia from a population of 22 Million or more.Of that 28,000 about 21,000 are homosexuals.The government doesn't care.
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That is very poor on the governments behalf.
There should be more consideration to homosexuals and the fact people do travel a lot these days. Anything to help reduce this virus not too mention the severe stress and axitiety issues as a result should be readily available ANYWHERE.
Thanks kindly for your responce and time today

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No problem--all the best.
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There is only one home HIV test approved by the FDA.
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Thanks Teak
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You're welcome.
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I am wondering as you are Australian based if you can shed some more light on a website I have read regarding HIV in Thailand and the E type.


There a few frightening statement inside and I would really appreciate if you took the time to have a quick read my concern is uprotected oral (insertive) and how it says that E type does not need direct access to the blood stream. For what it's wurth I have test neg at 7.5 weeks but my question is would the test done here in Australia look for all types including these E, thgis has just rattled me a little and I just don't know enough about it.  
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That website is not a creditable site and you never had an exposure from oral sex.

. by Emily_MHModerator,
And to clarify, it is this site's stance, based on studies and our own MedHelp experts (all of whom are world-renowned for their work in this field), that oral sex carries no risk for HIV.  
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Thankyou Teak for looking and again for your time. I was just looking for some non STD related things in Thailand which could cause some symptoms I am experiencing and stumbled on this BS Site, Certainly not questioning this sites stance or the experience and study of the great people and doctors on here. I had just never read anything about the type E and am very HIV uneducated. Just for curiosity though how many differnt types are there and are related to HIV 1 or 2?
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Hi Rainlover and Teak

11/5 weeks and I am well in the clear of HIV and all other STD's. I just wanted to say a quick thankyou to you both for taking the time to answer my questions. The information you guys have provided me has been so valuble in assisting me through a very dark and regretable time in my life.  
I will never underestimate the power of anxiety again. Rainlover, Dr H did give me some very good advise re testing and informed me about the SHC we have here in Australia. They are fantastic. If you happen to be giving any fellow Australians advice on testing for HIV or any STD for that matter(as we don't have access to Rapids) (which sucks) please let them know about the SHC we have as If they are as ignorant as I was it, they won't know about them. They are completely free and confidential. We are very fortunant to have them.
So Once again thanks to you both and keep up the great work.
Moved on!
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