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Dear Sir,

1st sorry for my english I am male 29, I had 2 exposure one in July, 09, it was condom broken with CSW in Thailand... And my 2nd exposure on 2nd Feb,10, that was protected but same condom broken and her period was going on so i notice some blood on condom. 

2 month later (after 1st exposure) i got fever for 2 days and later I also got Many others symptoms like sore troth, dry cough, joint pain & masale pain, back pain, neck stiffness, headache, RASHES (On my face, chest, stomach, hands and upper leg),  white tough & diarrhoea.

1) Oct 09 - Hiv Antibody test result- Non Reactive (0.345) (Method Fully Atomised CLIA on cobas E411)
2) Jan 10 - Hiv - Negative.
3) April 10 - Hiv - Negative.
4) June 10 - Hiv - Negative.
5) July 10 - Hiv - Negative.
6) Sep 10 - Hiv - Negative.
7) Nov 10 - HIV Western Blot test result - All Negative.
8) June 11 - HIV 1 & 2 - 0.19 cutoff  value 1.0 (CMIA AB & AG test) Recently tested.

My current symptoms rashes (Chest, hands & Stomach) 

And recently I had full body profile test because ongoing diarrhea and upset stomach for more then 3 weeks.

And my abnormal blood reports are:-
1) Leucocyte Count - 12900,
2) Abnormalities of Leucocytes- Leucocytosis,
3) ESR- 16, 
4) S.G.O.T- 65 (0-45), 
5) S.G.P.T- 100 (0-65), 
6) LDH- 266, 
7) Albumin- Trace/ 10mg %...
8) little High Cholesterol

Ultrasound reports:-
1) Mild hepatomegaly with grade 1 fatty liver.
2) No other significant abnormaliy is seen.

Stool culture reports:- Rich growth E. Coli and Enterobacter aerogenes grown

Stomach Endoscopy Report:-
1) Non ulcer dyspepsia with reflux
2) Sever gastroduodenitis

1) What should I believe symptoms or test?

2) Should i consider my self 100% HIV free and also consider no chance of false negative in my case?   

3) I am more worried because of stool culture report show Enterobacter aerogenes grown Is rerly seen in normal person this bacteria seen in immunocompromised patients or with immune deficiency person. And this deficiency give false HIV antibody result?

4) Are there any other tests to do to rule out HIV (like PCR) keep in mind point no. 3 of ANY SORT?

5) Are my any abnormal reports effect HIV test which I had done and any test abnormalities indicate HIV infection?

6) Are my any pathology test indicate immunocompromised and immune deficiency problem and should I need any more test?

Thanks for your Help and advice.
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You DO NOT have HIV.  Put this behind you and move on.
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Thanks for ur help but I want to know about Enterobacter aerogenes infaction effect HIV antibody test? Because I find that HIV antibody test give false result in immune deficiency and this kind of infaction. Thanks
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MOVE ON. You don't have an HIV concern and you've way over tested.
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