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I have done unprotected vaginal with a woman unknown hiv status. I will having a hiv test with cmia methods  generation but I'm confuse there are some opinion that said 6 weeks better and the other 8 weeks.  Please help Me With the AnsweR

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If it’s a 4th gen duo test, after 4weeks it is 95% conclusive. After 50 days it is 99.99%
I had read that cmia test 4 generation where p24 has gone from body before the antibody appear, that can make false negative test
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It cannot be gone if antibodies dont appear.
Hi biology2017,  according to you is it best the 6 weeks test or the 8 weeks test?  Thank you for your answer
Duo is conclusive after 4 weeks but you won't find consensus. We rely on the opinion of expert docs who say 4, however some sites use outdated conservative guidelines. and this is not a debating forum so we don't get into that over guidelines. So you have to pick which you are comfortable with and test accordingly.
When did THIS event happen? Your original worry was about spit and saliva, which isn't a risk for HIV.
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