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HIV Testing Kit

Is there any testing kit for HIV like as for a Pregnancy Test? If there is..what the brand and how much could it cost..

Kinda afraid to go to a Doctor and let somebody know. because here in the country were I'm staying..they will lock you up first in jail before sending to your country of origin..
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there is one you can send in
sounds really annoying to me but i guess it would solve your problem
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Thanks scaredjamie ill give it a try.
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Home Access is a collection kit not a home test kit.
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Your right tick..but thanks anyway to scaredjamie for helping..

Teak as I read some of the forums..I see your also a good adviser..can you give your comment on what I have posted in the forum...here's a copy

Is it possible to have HIV with the head of my Penis only entering the Vagina?

I had sex with a prostitute on Aug 1, 2009. I was at a party and was so drunk that I couldn't have a hard on. And because of that it is hard for me to put on a condom. So we continue having sex, she give orals and I give her also. She tried so hard to put my penis inside her vagina but I failed to have a hard on. I went on top of her forcing my Penis and I feel that the head or half of my Penis went in her vagina. After 5 or 10 pumping move I had an orgasm outside of her Vagina which she has also requested. So as far as I know, there is no really deep penetration but only the head of my small,non-erect penis went in.

But in the morning after the alcohol subside I came to realize that I had Unprotected Sex with a Prostitute.

Can somebody help me explaining my chances of getting an infection?because right now I'm having mental torture since it will take atleast a month to have an HIV Test.

Thank You Very Much,

Pleas let me know what you think Teak Thanks...
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