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HIV Testing Methods in South Korea

To any HIV expert out there,

Dear Sir or Madam, I am a 34 year old Caucasian male U.S. citizen who is currently working abroad. Last Spring, I applied for a teaching job in South Korea, and got the position. Right before leaving, however, on October 6, 2010,  I did something impulsive... and probably somewhat stupid. I had sex with a call girl. This was in Quebec City, and done through a government monitored agency that made sure that all the working women there were tested for STDs every three months. In that context, we obviously had protected sex and there was no anal penetration. The call girl did however give me a blow job between condoms, and I performed oral sex on her as well.

Although it was an amazing time for me (and dare I say for her as well), I began worrying about STDs soon after. I was especially worried about HIV and this lead me to get tested 10 weeks after having sex with the call girl. This was done in a large town hospital, just south of Daegu, in the south central Central South Korea. The results of my test came back negative and I was okay for a while. But then, one month later, I decided to check to see what "my" call girl was up to, just for the fun of it on her agency's website, but found out she was no longer there. This was in January 2011, three months after our encounter. I immediately panicked! Maybe she was already infected with HIV when we met in October, transmitted it to me somehow and only tested positive three months later! I called the agency and asked about it, but they told me that she had simply resigned.

At any rate, I would like to know what kinds of HIV tests they use here in Korea. I'd ask the doctors myself, but some things get lost in translation. Also, given the details I provided, how great is my risk for contracting HIV? It's been almost five months now since my initial encounter with the call girl. Do I need to get tested again?  And if so, would I need to specify which HIV test I would like to receive? Whatever the case, any information you can provide would help.

Thanks immensely for your time and sorry about the length of this email.



PS I'm really impressed with the work you do on this website and the help that you provide to hundereds if not thousands of people. Is there any way I can donate?
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Oral sex never poses HIV risk, with condoms or not, with wounds on mouth/genital or not, with the partner being HIV+ or not. So is protected sex. Your sex only became unprotected if the condom break, which would've been visible because there's no such thing such as leaking a bit in condoms.

Since you had no HIV risk, you actually didn't need to test. A test would be conclusive at 3 months post-exposure by medical consensus, but the result at 10 weeks was reliable even though I don't encourage you to test further for being redundant.

If you happen to have symptoms, just ignore them because you had practically no risk.

About the donation, well, I'm not sure about the link and it's rarely asked. But I suggest you contact the webmaster if donations are available. Thank you by the way for supporting our work :)
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