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HIV Testing Question

Last week I received the following results from my HIV antibodies tests:

ELISA: weakly reactive
Western block: nonreactive (no bands)

My doctor was concerned, and so she recommended the HIV DNA test. Well, today I was contacted by my doc, and she told me my HIV DNA test results were negative.

Okay, sigh of relief.

My doctor, however, is still concerned with my ELISA test results, and has referred me to state health. They will soon be contacting me, but I am still unclear as to why. My doc couldn't really give me an answer.

So, 2 questions:

1. What will the health department's procedure be? I mean, I have insurance--couldn't I just visit a regular doc?

2. Should I still be concerned about the ELISA result, or my HIV status?
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What was your exposure?
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Vaginal sex. I'm a female. Last exposure was 30 days ago.
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To early to take a test and your doctor should have advised you of that. You wasted your money all the way around. PCR-DNA are not approved for diagnostic use.
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Not necessarily a waste--I always get HIV tests done during my yearly gynecological examinations. For me, the antibody testing is routine. However, I know that since my exposure was recent, more ELISA/WB testing will definitely need to be done as confirmation.

It is my understanding, however, (and I could be wrong about this since there is so much conflicting information out there), that the PCR-DNA test can detect the virus fairly early? Like you said, though, it is not approved. Why is that exactly?
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PCR-DNA are monitoring tests for people known to be HIV positive to follow their HIV progression.
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Thanks for all of your help. Any clue as to why I would be referred to state health and not tested further by my doc?
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With what you posted it was to send you to people that are more educated in HIV and testing.
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