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HIV Testing after Cunninglingus

Hi everyone

I felt i had to post this to help try and put people at ease. I posted on MedHelp on the 18th July after i did something very stupid and met a foreign escort one night. We had protected sex but i did give her oral (cunninglingus), and straight away once i'd left i started to worry.

The last 11 weeks have been awful. With no one to really speak to i came on here.

My orginal post is here: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Im-male--i-had-oral-sex-giving-to-a-female-prostitute--can-i-get-HIV/show/2240256#post_10755307

After 10 days i took the '10 Day HIV Test' from a private clinic, i spoke to a few helplines and they advised not to do this test as it wasn't proven, however my panic was taking over an i took the test privately. It came back 5 days later negative.

After 4 weeks i went to a local GUM clinic (Sexual health clinic in England) and got a full test, i was told by the nurse that i would have to wait 12 weeks for the HIV test to be accurate but i got tested either way. It came back negative.

After 10 weeks i had not stopped worrying and was desperate to get some more news. The thought of waiting 2 more weeks to get tested and then wait 1-2 weeks for the results to come back on the NHS was one that i didnt want to wait for.

So i decided to take another private test, this was the HIV Duo Test. I was told this test was world class, and was 99.8% accurate after 4 weeks, but goes to 99.9% accurate after 12. So i spoke to them and they said with me being at 10 weeks, that i could take the test and pretty much trust the results as definitive proof.

I took the test this week, at 10 1/2 weeks post possible contact, and just now got a phone call. Negative. The doctor said that this test is so sensitive that if they had cause for concern that they can very accurately tell me, however he said it came back completely negative.

I said should i go for another test after 12 weeks and he said no. Just to put this behind me and move on.

Anyway, sorry for the essay, but i haven't got anyone to tell my story too, and this forum has helped me a lot, so i wanted to post this on here, and maybe it will make anyone who's in a similar predicament that i was in, feel a little easier.

All the best
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Hi Steve,

You never had an exposure. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV. You never needed a test. Dont waste money on tests when you were never at a risk. Its time for you to relax. Instead of repeating the test at 12 weeks, collect the same amount and distribute chocolates amongst poor kids. You dont need any testing/further testing after all those you did. Time for you to sit down, relax, listen to some music and enjoy a beer :).

God bless.
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i have the exact same case like u. come back negative too at 12.5 week.
tested with hiv1&2 ag/ab combo.
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Hi ste_87_87 and qwertyhelpme,

Thank you for sharing your stories and thoughts for those similar to you,

Did you experience any symptoms?

33 days after exposure, my lymph nodes in the right jaw, left hip, right ears, are palpable.

4 to 8 days after exposure: fatigue and body aches, sore throat, chills, night sweats, running nose, mild fever on and off, pain in the right sinus felt in the right eye and eyebrow, worsening cough.

at 8 days I went to the doctor, who gave me antibiotics for two weeks. Most of the symptoms vanished after a few days, while night sweats and coughing remained.

8-14 days: coughing and night sweats. The coughing has gradually lessened in intensity, and night sweats too.

14 to one month: coughing is no more an issue, just occasional mild bursts.
Night sweat very little to none. I developed some rash on my fore arms, on and off, and disappeared.

30 to 33 days: palpable lymph nodes.

I passed a test 8 days after exposure, which I know now doesn't count for anything that was negative. I took another test at a montreal hospital on exactly the one month mark. Still waiting to see if they call. They would call only if there is a problem. No call after three weekdays, and now it s sunday. I hope I won't receive a call next week.

I am planning on taking the 6th week and 90 days tests.

Please, tell if you had any symptoms?

I am living through hell. I can't sleep, and I am constantly worried and searching the internet, I have no one to talk to, all alone in a foreign country.

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I have already posted on this forum, and friends in here have told me there is no risk. But as you should know, there are many other forums that believe there is a risk in cunninlinggus. I was much better when on this forum I was told I have no risk, until my lymph nodes started to become palpable at the one month mark. I have read elsewhere that it is a tell tale sign of Hiv.

Can severe anxiety make them palpable, sort of vibrating?

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have a white coated tongue, and loose stool. You see, it is very difficult not to be worried when you have had all the complete signs of Hiv with perfect timing. Any comments, that would be of great help.
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Your symptoms are not that of a cute HIV Infection, nothing like it.

Many websites have people who do not understand the virus, I found this out when I was anxious.

Best Wishes

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Thank you for your reply. I found this on THE BODY website. Someone has posted this to one of the doctors there:

Hi Shannon,

Just read your response about oral sex risk and HIV transmission. I had always heard that performing oral sex and swallowing were low-risk activities. Well I recently got infected and the only risk activity factor I had was performing oral sex. Either more studies need to be done or folks need to be told that the risk of contracting HIV via oral sex is a bit more than low-risk.

This has made me so anxious again, any comment on this?
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So some random, who is not identifiable, writes a post on a website and confesses to the world that they caught HIV from oral sex - RUBBISH!

There is not one proven case globally with over 30 years of knowing of HIV, ignore websites and iditios that write on them with no facts...

You cannot catch HIV this way, it is simply not possible.

Relax and forget about it buddy.

Best Wishes

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