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HIV Testing and Insurance notification?

I just had some concerns when it comes to getting tested for HIV. If I am tested at my gyno's private practice, how is the insurance company notified? I will be getting tested under my parent's insurance, I am 19 years old and I don't have a job, or else I would just go and pay for the tests myself. If I request an HIV test, can the insurance company drop me or my parents? Are they notified of the results? Or is it just considered routine/preventative health testing because I'm in the 13-64 age group?

I always use condoms when I have sex, but a couple of times the condom slipped off. We switched to ones that better fit my boyfriend but I always worry in the back of my mind. Every little headache and sore throat and stomach ache terrify me into thinking I have HIV. I've asked him about his sexual history, and I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, I am facing reality realizing that I can't be so naive as to believe that he's telling the complete truth.
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And I plan on being tested for other stds too, should i just wait to get those results before i test for hiv?
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Hi there, an insurance company cannot drop you from a policy if you develop a condition during the time of the policy, they can refuse a policy based on a pre-existing condition.  A medical facility would be breaking patient confidentiality if they advised an insurance company of any test results; this is based on how it is in my country, which is Australia.
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