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HIV Testing and testing after 19 days.


I recently done a HIV ELISA Duo testing on October 19th 2018. I am based in Canada so ELISA Duo Test is the one offered in all of the STD clinics within my province based on the Provincial Health Services bulletins. From what I read, ELISA Duo Test checks for both the antigen and the antibody.

The last sexual encounter I had was September 30th with protected oral and vaginal sex with a woman whose sexual history I do not know, but is not a drug user but may have frequent partners. I've never had a unprotected vaginal intercourse with a partner whose medical history I am unfamiliar with. The last time I had unprotected oral was on August 16th about 2 months before my HIV test. I received my results via phone from the nurse at my local STD clinic and she informed me that my test result is negative for HIV. Which based on what I've read clears me for everything except the encounter on September 30th, because apparently the window period for ELISA Duo Test is 6 weeks to 3 months.

However, my question is that, since my last sexual encounter was on September 30th for both protected oral and vaginal sex, is my negative testing result conclusive? Should I be tested again? And what is the window period for ELISA Duo Test?

Would appreciate any experienced posters help and if possible any doctor responses.

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1)There is no risk as the sex is protected, assuming that no condom breakage occured
2)duo test is only conclusive at one month time

thank for your response, my testing should clear me for everything that was done before Sept 30th then. As for my sept 30th encounter, i noted no breakage. so i shouldnt worry no more?

also how.do.you post a question to the doctors.
Docs left long ago. If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters. That didn't happen so you shouldn't have worried about anything. Your test was a waste of time. Oral is zero risk so you don't need condom for that anyway.
icic i guess i just have a case of really bad std anxiety. just needed an expert's opinion. thanks.
There is an std forum for info on that.
thanks, ill check it out. but i find that it makes me more anxious.
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