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I had an event at my school for AIDS awareness day yesterday and I thought it would be a good deed to society to get tested. I go to school in the Bronx in NY, and I went to one of the department of health's to get tested. It was not exactly the cleanest place in there and it was FILLED with people getting tested. This sounds really ironic but, my test came up negative but should i go get tested again in the next coming months from risk of getting HIV from the health department place?
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Have you had any exposures in the last 11 weeks that you are concerned about?  Things that may have put you at risk? If not your test (assuming standard antibody test) is conclusively negative for all exposures > 12 weeks ago.  
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There was no risk of contracting HIV from getting an HIV test.
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to neveragin624 that is correct, I have not done anything over the past 12 weeks that would put me at risk, I was just scared of contracting HIV from the actual health center from like the pencils i was writing health information with, getting the blood drawn from the needle, my finger pricked, the band-aids, cotton balls, etc. There were probably a lot of HIV positive people right before me in those rooms, I shook the doctors hand right before I left too.
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You don't contract HIV from casual contact.
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thats a relief, so i can conclude that the health department in the bronx's needles and other equipment is clean?
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In the Bronx or anywhere else where HIV tests are given.
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Should i seek therapy for this? I was paranoid i could have hiv in a situation where there was a 99.9 percent chance i did not have it. Then I figured the only way to abondon this fear was to get tested. Now I think although I was negative I could have had it transmitted it to me at the testing place from a nurse or from the waiting room. How can I just move on from this?
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take it to the anxiety forum...you do NOT have a hiv concern and this is a hiv forum.
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