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HIV Testing

I have a question about testing.

First off, I would like to say that the only sexual activity i have engaged in his hand jobs from CSW and nothing else.

I am concerned, and this may seem paranoid to some about having an oral saliva specimen I gave at work (which was supposed to be tested for drugs) may have been tested for hiv.

When I started a new job, I was given a oral saliva test.  I don't remember the brand of the test, but I know the lab testing the specimen was SAMSHA certified.  I know the specimen was tested for drugs, and the result was negative.

To my shock, however, I get a call from someone who represented himself as being with a hospital 3.5 miles after the drug test. The person identified himself as "Jay" from a local hospital.  He said something to the effect of, "I am not sure of the last time you went to the doctor but you tested positive for hiv" and that I should come back to do a confirmation test."

Given my history, I don't see how this is possible. Also I never went to this hospital for anything and I never consented to be tested for hiv.  Furthermore when I called the hospital, they said they don't have a record for this person going back 6 years. Anyways could a lab test something for hiv and then turn around and use the same specimen for drugs? Is this even possible to do without compromising the drug test results?

I am concerend if a lab might have mixed up an oral specimen intended to be tested for drugs with one tested for hiv, and reported it this hospital to tell me.  I am also a little suspicious because this came 3.5 months after the drug test.

Could this be possible?
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I suspect you received a prank phone call. You would not have been tested for HIV without your consent.
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You were never at risk of contracting HIV.
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Can someone tell me if these mixups occur? Do people think this is funny? This is sick
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I don't think you have anything to worry about.  I can't tell what you mean by having no record for "this person" at the hospital, do you mean Jay?  Or yourself?  In either case, it seems to be a prank.  You would have to consent for an HIV test and it seems totally unrelated to your drug test.
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I mean't I called the hosptial and they said they do not have a record of this guy working there. Not in 6 years. He identified himself as Jay Bailey. Called HR have no Jay Bailey working there - nobody named this and their records go back 6 years
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3.5 miles after the drug test? Move on. Had you taken an HIV test you would  have been advised and you wouldn't have been told over the phone that you tested positive.
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Well, then the conclusion should be pretty obvious. I'm sorry somebody did that to you, that was pretty sick and low.
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That was 3.5 months after the original drug test. Thank you teak. You are affirming what I thought, but it helps to get your reinforcement
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Yes, it was sick and low. I thought about going to Police. I believe it is a felony to do such a thing. When the guy called, I couldn't trace his call because I think he *67 his phone
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I also think it would be hard to test for hiv and then test for drugs using the same sample. Infectious disease and toxicology labs are seperate in most places.  I think about 100 hippa laws would have been violated for this to be true
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NO, the tox labs do the blood testing.
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The important thing is that you're fine. You must feel pretty violated, you were already in a susceptible state of mind and somebody apparently exploited that, but at least you can stop worrying.
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What I meant was that I believe SAMSHA labs test for drugs and only drugs or substance abuse.  At least this is what I was told. Since this was a drug test and the 3rd party administrator said they use SAMSHA labs you might draw the conclusion that hiv samples don't go to a samsha lab and drug samples don't go other labs that test for hiv/ At least you hope so.

This has been very difficult for me. I appreciate your support
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I also posed this question to LABTESTSONLINE.  I should note that I had changed my phone number a couple weeks after the test, but they would still have know where I worked because of the drug test.  Furthmore, the person ackowledged in the voice mail message left, that the test "was coming late" but he "did know the last time I saw a doctor" which seems contradictory to me.  If you can determine that a test is late or on time, you would think the person would know when the person was tested.

It is unlikely that it would take 3.5 months for a test result to be called to you,
unless you did not leave current contact information.  It is possible that the oral fluid
sample you provided could be tested for HIV in addition to drugs, as only a portion of
the oral fluid sample would be needed for either test.  The test could take a little
longer if the result was screening test positive for HIV, since a positive screening test
is repeated in duplicate and then confirmed with another test prior to being reported as
positive.  But, this should not take 3.5 months.

CDC has recently recommended that everyone between the ages of 13 - 65 be tested to know
their HIV status.  It has become a standard of care, so when you sign a consent for
treatment for general medical care, an HIV can be performed unless you live in a state
where their state law mandates informed consent.  

This phone call does seem suspicious, since the person who contacted you could not be
found.  I would advise you to be tested using a blood specimen, not oral fluid,
specifically drawn for HIV testing.  That will be the only way you will know for sure
your HIV status.  If you live in the U.S., this can be done anonymously or confidentially
through any number of counseling and testing sites, usually a part of the health
department structure in your state.  
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"since a positive screening test
is repeated in duplicate and then confirmed with another test prior to being reported as

Is a person who goes through this whole batch of tests, retested again.  IN the phone message I received, the person said that "I tested B positive for hiv" and that I needed to come in for a confirmation test.  But isn't all the confirmation testing done before it is reported?

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should I call the hospital to see if they have my medical record?
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Everything you have said leads everyone to believe that this was not a valid phone call. Test if you want to or just call and have your records checked to see if an HIV test was done.
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I know the hospital isn't going to have a copy of me doing an hiv test at the hospital, because I didn't go to the hospital to do one. The issue is if someone from a lab sent the hospital my test results to report them to me.
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What do you want to be told?
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I suppose knowing they don't have a medical record on me would give me relief, but I am scared **** ******** to do it.
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If you have never had sex, you can't have HIV. You said you have only received masterbation. You have nothing to worry about.
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my concern was if I was the one person in the world to get it that way.
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your concern is not rational...you are not going to be the first after 25+ years of HIV being around.
Only sexual means that transfers HIV is unprotected vaginal and unprotected anal sex.

If you can't let this go, you might want to visit the anxiety forum here or see a therapist.
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