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HIV Thrush Antibiotics and Anxiety

Recently had an issue with testicule pain and tried doing some research online, ended up going to the doctors and was diagnosed with epididymitis and was tested for STD’s everything came back normal and prescribed antibiotics. A few days later I noticed blood work order for HIV and other STD’s, which gave me really bad anxiety for about a week (sweating, issues sleeping, impending doom thoughts). A couple days after finishing the antibiotics I started to have sinus issues, nasal drip, runny/stuffy nose, coughing phlegm, tonsils and uvula red/irritated, I noticed my tongue was half white and the same time that happened I lost might appetite and couldn’t eat too much. Went to the doctors office to check for strep throat and they took blood for HIV and blood tests.

About 4 days days with what the doctor think was thrush was given antifungal medicine. Is it possible the antibiotics and anxiety caused thrush? All blood work came back negative except having some low wbc still in the normal range, or could this be an early sign of HIV, I’ve read mixed things about oral thrush. In addition the wbc being low also shows up as acute HIV but could possibly be from thrush or anxiety?
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HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms.  This is something HIV experts all agree on.  What exposure are you worried about in regards to HIV?  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  
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Received oral, I know it’s considered low risk, test would have been 40 days after this. It could be coincidence with antibiotics too but didn’t consider it after all the tests we’re ordered by doctor.

Other thing I forgot to mention I dropped about 10 pounds in 2 weeks.
It's not low risk it's NO risk. In the over 40 year history of HIV research, not one person has ever been infected by receiving oral sex and you will not be the first.
Yes, oral sex is no risk.  Antibiotics are well known for causing thrush because they wipe out bad bacteria as well as good bacteria so this is probably what happened.  You couldn't get HIV from this so should move on without worry about that.
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