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HIV Transmission Odds

What are the odds of 'catching' HIV as a male if you are having unprotected sex with a prostitute.

I don't want to hear 'this is extremely risky' or 'this is stupid' etc - I want a number.

I believe this number to be 1/5000 multiplied by the % chance the prostitute has HIV/AIDS, so probably something like 1/50,000. If this number is far off the mark, please let me know and let me know why.

FWIW I have been having unprotected sex with prostitutes in Thailand on a regular basis for more than four years, I get tested regularly and I do not have HIV/AIDS (though I have contracted some curable STD's in the past, none of which I have now).

This is a serious question. I'd like to know if I've simply been lucky or if I am correct in thinking it is very, very hard to get HIV as a male, even from an infected partner, via unprotected vaginal intercourse.

Thank you
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Keep playing Russian roulette and you'll see how long it takes.
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Russian Roulette is six chambers with one bullet. This is 50,000 chambers with one bullet. The odds of being hurt or killed doing many things we do on a regular basis are greater than this - however because of the fear driven into us by the media and society we are more scared of this one. I think it is an irrational fear, not based on logic, math or reason but on emotion.
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You just keep thinking that. MOVE ON.
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If 'thinking that' is wrong, somebody please tell me why. That is why I posted here.

I'd like mathematical proof that what I am saying is inaccurate. Your replies here are actually the exact kind of responses I am describing above. People counter arguments like this with emotion and condescending remarks - not with logic and mathematics.
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wow...i am always amazed when someone comes here for our advice and then tells US how to answer.  really makes me want to help.

you want math?   A RISK IS A RISK IS A RISK.
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How do you think you can quantify your risks?  First off, you are basing your risk on "general population data".  Since you are only having sex with just prostitutes, then you cannot apply those statistics.  The statistics you mention are most likely based on total population and HIV infection.  Most likely, the prevalence and incidence of HIV infection among CSW's is going to be different when compared against general population data.  You are not having sex at random, but seeking out a certain subgroup/sample of the population.  
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may be you are immune to hiv.bcoz i heard hiv strains from thailand are more easy to transmit than those in other countries.
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please dont comment on other ppl's threads unless you know facts.  it tends to ADD to ppl's anxiety.
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Walking down the street is a risk. Eating is a risk (might be poison in your food). Driving a car is a risk. Getting on an airplane is a risk. Having sex with a condom is still a risk, just less of one.

A risk is a risk is a risk. Do you take any of the above risks?

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This discussion is over.
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"please dont comment on other ppl's threads unless you know facts.  it tends to ADD to ppl's anxiety."
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The only anxiey you have is from YOU NOT USING CONDOMS now you have to go through the process of being tested. 3 month post exposure is when you will be able to test and obtain a conclusive negative result. If you want to play odds I suggest you go to a horse track.
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