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HIV Transmission Risk?

So here is the story. I was seeing a man and we made out(kissing and some biting on the lips) a few times. (I had chapped lips and some kinda open wounds in my gums because I have really sensitive gums and bleeding almost every time I brush my teeth)

After almost two weeks later I got sick. It was like a light flu. I had sore throat, muscle pain, fatigue. No fever, no night sweats. It last about 4-5 days. I didn't really care about it until he told me once he had unprotected sex with someone and got HPV.

Now I am freaking out. I will get tested as soon as possible but until that I need to put my mind on ease. I know HIV concentration is not high in salvia but still is it possible to get it?

Thank you.
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Saliva does not contain HIV because it carries several enzymes, capable of inactivating (making it incapable of infecting others) the HIV instantly.

Your risk never existed for HIV, relax and move on with your life normally
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The problem is while biting, I felt blood taste in my mouth for a second. But we continued. If that's really his blood and considering there are open areas that virus can enter my body, is this a risk for transmission?
And I forgot to mention about the freaking lymph nodes. The nodes behind my ear, on my neck and collarbone swelled and hurt so much that I can't even swallow properly. That's too severe for just a cold or flu.
It may or may not be serious, but one thing it isn't is HIV.  You were never exposed to HIV.  See your doctor for your non-HIV related lymph node concerns.
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