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HIV Transmission from Anal Fissures?

A few weeks ago I had a sexual experience that has left me feeling very anxious and fearful. I ALWAYS use condoms and protected sex is the only way to go for me. I am too fearful to risk my health by having bareback with a stranger and I always ask my partners about their status.

Days before Christmas 2014, I met up with a  guy that I connected with online. In our initial email exchange he had stated that he was tested in late October 2014 and that he was negative and clean.

When he came over, there was an instant attraction between us. Before penetrating him, I decided to rim his ***. Initially his anal hole looked fine but I stretched it out a little to lick more around the canal and in that moment I realized that he had to areas that looked bright red. They were small spot of red color with a thin film of skin over it. They looked like anal fissures. Or they might be hemorrhoids.

I was immediately scared and I asked him if he was disease free. He assured me that he had gotten tested two months before and that he was clean.  The anal fissures were not bleeding I can say that with certainty.

We proceeded to have anal sex and I used a condom of course but this penetration only lasted a few mintues. I could not go on with the sex or even finish because I was still thinking about what I saw. I became scared.

It's been a little more than 2 weeks now since this incident and I remain very scared. I keep thinking that perhaps I have been exposed to something.

I am very scared because my gums bleed every once and a while. I am certain that my gums were not bleeding during that time of the rimming otherwise I wouldn't have decided to rim him. I am always careful and this experience has made me feel sexless since then. I haven't even had the urges to masturbate. I can't get this moment out of my mind.

I have spent the last few weeks researching this anal fissures and hemorrhoids online and their connection to HIV. There is little information on this. To make matters worse, the photos of anal fissures and hemorrhoids look so ugly that they have added to my anxiety.

So my question is... how likely is HIV transmission from anal fissues and rimming???
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