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HIV Transmission from breast discharge

I have a sex with unknown female partner. I only sucked her breast. While doing that I felt a taste in my mouth or a liquid entering my mouth.  I have had fears since that time. Can i catch aids. Is it possible to catch aids from breast discharge- small amount- a drop or two. I look forward to reading ur answers. Please scientific nswers.
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NO (how's that for scientific?)
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Thanks for ur reply. Your answer  'NO"  relieves me so much. But is this "NO" based on scientific evidence. Do the most experts in aids agree that sucking a +hiv woman breast is at no risk.
Please excuse me as long as i am in a situation that make me so worried. Excuse me also as i may not express well in English as long as my native laguage is not English.
I like all the expert people answer my qustion because i can not made a test as i live in a conservative community. If i do that many social problems will occure.
Thnks again
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It's not a risk...
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Thank u sir,
I really appreciate ur efforts in helping humanity reagardless of religion and race.
Your answer make me feel comfortable. Can you please provide me with a scientific details. I asked such a question in yahoo answers some say yes. These people say yes but they are ordinary people. wht about u
Sincere gratitude.
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Hello sir,
i realy like u answer me again. I am very worrisome man. I sucked a unknwon wman breas. A drop or two enetered my mouth. Is ther any risk. Please ur answer. Should i test or not. i will be convinced this time. Suppose there was  a cut or a wound in my mouth. Is there a risk
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i guess you are "assuming" that it was breast milk?

adults do not get hiv from breast milk...
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