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HIV Transmission vs. Saliva

Hi All

First of all, i must say this site is great with lots of information.  I do have a few questions i am seeking answers for.  I understand saliva might contains small qty of virus but will not cause HIV infection due to virus in saliva inability to reproduce itself as well as small qty of active virus also cant cause infection.  So i am not here to debate whether it will happen or not but I am looking for the actual how/why factors which i cant seems to find anywhere.  Its for one of my study.

1. Why cant small qty of active HIV virus cause infection?  Assuming these virus are from blood and arent inactivated by Saliva.

2. Since small qty of active virus will not cause HIV infection, what will happen to those small qty of virus (that are capable of reproducing itself) once it enters a human's body?  I read that it will be eliminated by human's immune system and gone?  if so, wouldn't the immune system build anti-body to destroy them and doesnt that trigger initial positive result on HIV testing then followed by negative result once these virus are gone?  

2. Based on the information i studied online and on this board, saliva has ingredients that either block or inactive the virus.  However, once the saliva / HIV virus mixture enters a male's Urethrea or female's vagina, wouldnt the saliva part and the virus part get separated?  since saliva will stay in place while virus will try to get through the membrane.  

3. If saliva has ingredients that can inactive the virus, why couldnt researcher use this to build a vaccine?

3. Correct me if i am wrong but i assume once the virus is inactivated, it will not become active again?
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You have raised very good questions. Based on my limited knowledge (other knowledgeables will also contribute and value), the answers are as follows,

1. As you are talking exclusively with reference to saliva, in an infected person, it either contain no HIV or inactivated (not infectious), therefore there is no risk if contacted with any part of the body, including mucus membranes.
2. Answer is there in 1.
3. No I think it will not.

Important thing to remember is that there is no evidence that saliva transmits HIV. This makes your risk for infection practically negligible.
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I apologize, i just realize i wrote saliva as subject, but part of my question have nothing to do with saliva.  When i say active virus, i mean via blood for example (question 2).  I remember doctor said small qty of virus (via blood) will not cause infection, which is what i am trying to figure out.  It doesnt make sense to me.

P.S. I never had a risk.
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If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you.

Move along.
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I received a rimjob from a sex work.  2 days later develop flush and felt lethargic.  5 days later went for a std test.. hsv 1 pos and hiv neg.  So I accepted that I got hsv from her.  After a while, I begun to worry abt hiv so I told a antibody test at day 39 ( was told by doc that the test is second gen). He assured me that the test Is quite accurate consider my exposure is just rimjob.  Hope to hv ans for the following:
1. I understand that rimjob maybe negligible risk since only in ctc with saliva but My worry is that since she gave me hsv 1, does it mean the rimjob will be more dangerous to contract hiv?
2. Understand that saliva inactivate hiv virus, does it apply to saliva of hiv plus ppl?
3. My second gen antibody test at day 39, hw accurate it is? 90,95 or 99 percent?

Thanks for ur time.
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Please start your own thread
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I m sorry.  I hv no intention to hijack the thread but I m new here and when I try to create a thread it says the forum no longer accept new thread? I would rwally appreciate anyone can answer to my queries as I really need help before I go crazy.  Hope to stop this tormenting time.. pls help
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