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What are your thoughts on it?
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We can only hope and pray,but 30 years later and still nothing.Billions of dollars later and still nothing.A cure would be better than a vaccine,or actually BOTH.
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The cure will only come after a Vaccine is made. Personally there is a Vaccine currently in Phase 1 Trails that was recently Approved by the FDA which in a sense is a major step for any Vaccine. This Vaccine uses a Whole HIV Virus instead of little bits of it. There is also a Heavy Duty Vaccine (Genes) in the pipeline as well. We also need to Focus Prevention Methods on the hardest hit the Gay community. We need to have a Aggressive safe sex promotion and Widespread HIV TESTING.
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I agree,but the epidemic has hit Africa the worst and they need help more than anyone,I mean most infected people there aren't even on medication,very sad.Governments should be doing more.Hiv testing is the key because over 250,000 are infected with Hiv in the USA and don't even know it,that's scary if you ask me.
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There will be a Vaccine within 10 years.
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Robert Gallo said 3 years and that was back in the late 80's.
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Thats back in the day where they hardly knew anything about this new virus. They thought it was just a easy one to do. But until they crunched the number they started to realize this a bigger problem then anything they faced in all there lives. It does seem odd we didnt have any evidence of these infections until the late 70's early 80's. I did hear that there was a man who died in the 1950s due to the Virus. Along with a Gay sex worker. Who was pretty young.
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I know and those cases were substantiated.At the present day,prevention is the only cure.However,even once they found out what it was it still spread like a wild fire and 40 million people later it is still an epidemic that seems to be growing.Here in Australia,the sydney gay community have been hit the hardest.
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Sooner or later they will have a vaccine. Tecnology is getter better and better over time.
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