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HIV? Very worried...

Hello, I recently broke up with my girlfriend around late Oct. I became someone who I never was, I had protected sex with a stripper and a couple weeks later with a girl I met on facebook. I did do some frottage with the girl I met on FB and I felt some fluids on the tip of my penis, but I washed right after. I found out some weeks later that girl gets around. Then in early January, as I was trying to work things out with my ex and met up with her and had unprotected sex with her 3 times in one day and 1 more time two days later. I felt like something was wrong and I asked her if she had unprotected sex with someone else and she denied it until I asked about 5 times. She said the guy got tested a week or two after to prove that he was clean, and it was negative. So I freaked out right away, I went and got STD bloodwork and urine test done on Jan. 22nd. I get my results back and said I tested postive for Hep. B (HBsAB- Postive, Negative). Then the doctor tells me that they're not sure if it was the vaccine, and ordered more blood work. I have been having muscle aches, nightsweats, had a sore throat, pain in my left and right sides, depression, back pain, dark urine, bad breath, and a slightly white tongue. What is my risk? Can the symptoms be from anxiety? Thank You
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If you are worried about HIV,the only way to remove that worry is by getting tested.
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I did get tested for HIV and it came back negative but it was 6 weeks after my first exposure, 4 weeks after my second exposure and 2 weeks after my last exposure.
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Testing 3 month post your last unprotected anal or vaginal sex will be conclusive.
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