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HIV. Worried Teen !! :( helppp

Hey guys,

I'm a 19 year old gay male and I had sex on Friday with a guy who's 18. He said he was clean because he always uses condoms and so I trusted him.

We had anal sex with me as the receptive partner. We of course used condoms so I'm not so much worried about anal sex. However, at one point he rubbed the tip of his penis on my buttock region before the condom was on...I also know that the skin in that area was sensitive from waxing so I suppose there could be a risk there?

The thing I'm most worried about is oral sex because I performed it on him without a condom. I use to think that oral sex was only possible if you had cuts in your mouth, but I read something that said even if you don't have cuts, if you have 'unhealthy membranes' the virus could get in.....I don't know how healthy my mouth membranes are, but I do know that I had a little kanker soar on my bottom lip from eating spicy food.

Could I have gotten HIV from him if he had it?

The reason I worry is because literally two days later (so yesterday, Sunday) I woke up feeling awful. I had a soar throat which felt like Strep, a headache, and kept sneezing. I went to my walk in clininc doctor the same day and he perscriped amoxicilin which is suppose to treat soar throat and strep.

I called the guy and asked him if maybe I caught a cold from him....he said that he was sick the week before but was better the week we had sex. Maybe there was still some germs in him though from when we kissed and stuff?

I don't know...I'm just really worried because it's been two days and I feel very sick with a headache and soar throat. I also noticed the skin around his penis was very tight, pinkish, and dry...but that could be just from dry skin?

My doctor swabbed my throat for ghonorea and chlymidia just to be sure but says he doesn't think it's that.

What do you guys think ??
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