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HIV after brief Durex condom protected sex

So After 4 years ,I decided to have again a sexual intercourse
I waited a lot for a girlfriend but some how I ended up sex with a  massage girl  

Act : We had a protected sex (Durex condom) I inserted the penis and had 3-5 thrusts (5 seconds of sex )
After feeling the arousal ,I took out the condom from vagina and Ejaculated outside the condom .
After Finished ,I took the condom with me and went outside the dark room ..

Now ,What I have seen make me much worried and gives me suicide thoughts day and night :(
I saw red blood type savila  above the condom and I thought after  she might had periods but u remember when I asked before the sexual intercourse ,she said no she had no periods but don't know what was that red colored type savila on the condom. ....
M very much worried now pls help :( :( :(

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No risks as u had protected sex with the condom.
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Don't know about any short leak in condom at reservoir tip .
Though sperm didn't came out but there could be small leakage holes ...?
No such thing.  When a condom breaks, it breaks visibly wide open.  
"small leakage holes" are a myth.
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