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HIV and Blood Donations


I had a short unprotected vaginal intercourse with a girl I later found out doesn't seem to have a good history (been around). This was on 31 May 2011.

I am a regular blood donor, and on the 4 July 2011 gave a regular blood donation to the red cross.

I am feeling ill (sore neck, burning armpits, tired etc...) for several weeks now. I am fearing this is HIV. However, nobody phoned my from the red cross to say my blood was contaminated. Or don't they check all blood? I was told they check all blood donations every time for HIV and other STDs....is that true. But there again it was only a month between my possible risky episode.

I did not go for a blood donation for that reason as i only knew a few weeks ago that she has been around with many guys.

Is it possible I have HIV?

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I'm glad you didn't donate blood for the purpose of finding out your status, that is morally wrong.  What I don't understand is...the prescreening donation process is pretty rigorous...weren't you asked if you had been at risk?  Unprotected sex is a risk.  If you had been truthful about your exposure, you would have been denied the opportunity to donate.

Yes, blood is screened regularly and thoroughly, but the notification process is slow.  To know your status, you need to test at 3 months post exposure for HIV.  Chances are, you'll be just fine, but testing is warranted.  ALWAYS use condoms for vaginal or anal sex.
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Tks for you response. I only found out that tje partner i was with had a "questionable history" after i'd donated blood. Otherwise i wouldn't have. It's been almost 3 months since possible infection and 2 months since the donation. I haven't heard anything bad back from the Red Cross so must i assume it's okay? I don't feel well though. I'm worried...
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You may want to look around if there's a rapid HIV antibody test. It's as effective as other approved tests as long as administered 3 months post-exposure or beyond. Any negative result will be conclusive and will rule out any symptoms for being related to HIV.
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