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HIV and Blood donation

ive had sex once with the girl i love a year ago... 2 months ago i went for my 1st blood donation then after a few weeks a letter came informing me to come and have a further check up... when i went to the hospital the doctor told me i am tested positive on HIV.... is it possible that i have HIV even though me and my girlfriend never had sex with other people before?
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Yes if your girlfriend was HIV positive. Were you retested for HIV as it is standard practice to receive a confirmatory test as there are incidences of false positives?
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Just to add a quick note to Iwan's reply. Make sure you tell your girlfriend ASAP so she can get tested and if she IS HIV+ can begin treatment.
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i dont think either of us have changed partners before... is it still possible that we contracted HIV from having sex with each other? the doctor took my blood for testing and will inform me back in 1-2 months.... what is the percentage of the false positive if ur tested hiv positive on the blood screening test?
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Doesn't make sense.

Unless one of you are a drug user; if you are positive, one of you must of got it from a another sexual partner.
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HIV doesn't spontanously appear out of nowhere. It's not possible for two HIV negative people to get infected by each other.

I don't understand why this kind of question keeps coming up. Why on earth would people think they could get infected from someone who is HIV negative? Makes zero sense!!
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As it has been stated, HIV does NOT just happen out of the blue, so either you or your girlfriend were infected when you were together, or, since you have not had sex with her for a year, you possibly were infected by another partner.

If you have been notified that your blood work is positive for HIV, then see your doctor immediately for a confirmatory test and if positive, begin treatment.

You should still notify your girlfriend to be tested. It had to come from somewhere.
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could it come from another source except sharing needles and unprotected sex?
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It definitely came from other sources, it would be best for you now to go and have a confirmation test and then get your girlfriend to do one too ASAP. Do a 4th generation test to make sure, because that is the guideline now.
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Blood transfusion.  Other than that no way. Better get one confirmatory test also take your gf. Both get tested and if it is really positive please start your treatment.  Will pray for you.
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Sorry don't know what country you are from; but in the West, it practically impossible from you to get HIV from blood transfusion nowadays (in the bad old day's, yes).
Blood is now tested using the most accurate HIV test's available (the duo and the other one that looks for the virus).
Blood centre's simply do not risk giving  people infected blood and the scandal that would follow. That is why they have such strict rule's and test's.
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What other sources Dino?
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There are only three ways you can contract HIV




That's it. Years ago, BEFORE they began testing blood used for transfusions, it was possible to contract it that way. In the West, ALL donated blood is now put through rigorous testing for HIV.

Have you ever had a blood transfusion? I don't know where you live, but that would be the only other method of transmission besides the three I have listed.

Please go get tested and make sure your girlfriend gets tested as well. The letter you received informing you of the HIV should have given you very clear guidelines on what your next step should be.

We all wish you the very best
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