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HIV and Immunospresive Drugs

I am going crazy with worry. I am on immunoseppresive drugs for a kidney transplant, and I did an unbelievable thing and had unprotected oral sex with a man, who did ejaculate in my mouth, though I spit out as much as I could, and was of course very upset. This incident took place on July 5th, and yesterday, October 5th, I had a rapid result HIV test (orasure or something like that) and it came back negative, which was a release of course, but now I have read conflicting reporst about whether immunospresive drugs can influence the results of HIV tests--the nurse told me no drugs interfere with the test, but might 3 months be too early to test on immunosupressive drugs? Can I rely on this test? Someone please help me.
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if you are unsure...get another test done to put your mind at ease.  However, having oral sex once is a pretty low risk...but not impossible of course.  do you know if this guy is HIV positive?  Anyway, get another test to make yourself feel better, but I've read that orasure is pretty reliable.  It would only be positive if you have HIV antibodies in your system....i haven't heard that immunosupressive drugs can alter that....either you ahve antibodies or you don't.  goodluck with everything.
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Its possible that the immunosupressive drugs you are on will delay the production of antibodies - which the test looks for.

Strictly speaking, the drugs are not interfering with the test, just potentially prolonging your window period.

So this may be a rare situation where testing after 3 months is justified.

I should still say that even with the drugs, your 3 month negative is very reasuring.

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