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HIV and Molluscum

About a month ago, I have been diagnosed with Molluscum in the genital area. It started in my pubic area and spread to my penis and scrotum. I went in and had them burned. Since I am also diagnosed with 'needle phobia', I went under general anaesthesia and had the procedure done. About a week later, lesions started appearing again, this time only on the penis (at least the ones I am able to identify). I went to my doctor who assured me that it is normal to have an outbreak after the same treatment. After doing a bit of research on the Internet, I found that to be common enough not to panic.

I then started noticing bumps on my lips. I can't quite make them out but I can tell something is not right. I don't know if they are just pimples or if they are even just dry. I smoke about a pack a day, so dry/chopped lips is not exactly new to me. However, now my paranoia has reached a whole new level.

I do occasionally engage in sex with prostitutes. Most of these encounters are in the form of unprotected oral sex. However, I know the molluscum is most likely to be a result of a one-time full intercourse (vaginal intercourse was protected with a condom).

I am now panicking and noticing things that are probably non-issues. I have gone in to do an HIV test. Living in Dubai, HIV is a big taboo. Since I am not a citizen here, a positive result means a brief time in jail before deportation. The hospital will not release the results to me unless I come and personally collect it (in other words, a positive result will involve immigration officers to pick you up).

They will not disclose details about the test type either. They simply said that the test will come back reactive or non-reactive, after which I must see a doctor to certify the results.

Judging from this so far, what am I looking at here?
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Have no idea. If you are that worried go back to your home country and get tested.
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you are fine your problem is not hiv but yet maybe some kind of other std
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Oh just to follow-up. My vaginal intercourse happened on the 5th of September, while the last oral sex (unprotected) I received was on the 8th of October. I have not had any sex since then.
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If you don't have unprotected sex then you have nothing to worry about.
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My home country is worse -- they put you in jail till you rot. I am not sure that is the best option at this point. I expect the results to be sent by tomorrow noon.. I am just really freaking out and wanted to get an idea of the accuracy of those tests and time periods..

ie. I understand it's 3 months (as most places say now). but if you are developing Molluscum as a result, it means that it should be active and clear. In other words, if I test negative, can I consider that to be absolutely conclusive and get on with my life, or do I need to perform another test in a month?
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I've had unprotected oral sex.
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That's not a risk.
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I just received my results. It says: NON-REACTIVE. It doesn't say what kind of test it was, only "TM/HIV/03", which could mean anything. I will have another test in a month just to be 1000% sure that I am clean. This time I will want to take a more comprehensive test. What kind of tests would I want to take. The one I took for HIV was from a blood sample.

I want a clean bill of health from STD's, so I want to know what other diseases out there I could catch. Up until Molluscum.. hell, I didn't even know there was such a thing.
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I have been reading a lot about Home testing.
My risk was unprotected anal  and oral with a man back in August. Can I test with a Home Test at this point that will give me peace of mind?
Teak, thanks!
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and if you were at risk, would you trust the Home testing? or get tested at someplace llike a clinic or doctors office?
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Home Access is a home collection kit. It doesn't give you the results. You have to mail blood sample in to be processed. They are very reliable and they are FDA approved.
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I have learned that I have to call in to get the results for the test. YES, ...that was the test I was talking about (Home Access).  Can I take this test even though I am taking Chantix for quitting smoking? or should I not be on medications to take that test? I did not want to test at a place that offers face to face testing....creates more anxiety for me.
Can I test now to get a solid result? Thanks teak...and for a quick response!
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