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HIV and Oral Sex

Please check the medical publishing below and kindly explain to me are we overlooking at the risks associated with unprotected oral hiv risk.


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You are not a scientist so no one here is going to investigate your Google claims or read links. The chance of hiv from oral has been calculated to be similar to being struck by a meteorite so you would be better off to find something different (something that is more likely to happen) to focus on.
Stop making multiple threads. The advice can't change from last week, so seek therapy to deal with your hiv obsession.
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It is mentioned that;

Unprotected oral sex is the most common form of sexual contact among gay men who become HIV-infected;

I’m freaked to the core. Please help
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San Francisco—Oral sex poses a greater risk of HIV transmission than many people realize, according to a new study of gay men in San Francisco. The study, aired here at the Seventh Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, found that up to 8% of new HIV infections appeared to result from unprotected oral sex, a behavior many people perceive as relatively low-risk.
You can be as "freaked to the core" as you like, but we don't offer anxiety support in this forum.  I'm not even going to entertain an article you found from 1996, when there have been plenty of studies, along with observational data by scientists and expert physicians, since that time.
I just checked your history.  You RECEIVED oral sex.  Exactly ZERO people have contracted HIV from receiving oral sex over the entire 40+ year history of HIV.  It doesn't matter what you find on the internet.  You had no risk for HIV.
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