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HIV and Three People involved

I was recently a victim of date rape at a bar-party and unfortunatly did not remember a thing. It was like I never had sex with anyone. So I went on with my life and never suspected that I was a victim of unwanted sexual intercourse. So as usual my partner and I have sex and he finds that he has a discharge from his penis. So he goes to his doc and tests positive for chlamydia. So I went to my doc and i got the antibiotics but no results yet.

My worry is HIV... I had a blood test done today. And I am worried and scared. And more so I am pissed that this happend to me and I didnt give my partner the right to know because I also didnt know.
These are my questions...

1.) Is it possible for me to get HIV and not my partner?
2.) Is it possible to have many STDs and only contract one or two?
3.) Is it possible to read the symptoms of HIV and feel like your having them? Is this part of anxiety or fear?
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Please Answer me...I cant sleep.
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1.  If you should have HIV, it is very possible that you never transmitted it to your current partner.  It is very likely that you do not have HIV either.
2. Yes.
3. Very well could be the case.

Try to get some sleep.  I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  It is very unfortunate.

If you can, please let us know what the results are.  Best of luck to you.  I hope you get some rest.  
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Thank you..I will let you guys know..Im still scared.. I will never go out and party again..Unless I can trust those that Im with...


Is it common that HIV and Chlamydia be contracted together?
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Or, is it possible for that jerk to have both and I only get Chlamydia..And in most cases is it common that if you get chlamydia you dont get HIV?

Or could I get hit with both?
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It increases the risk because STDs like chlamydia can mean several things:

1. Increased viral load in HIV-positive persons
2. Genital ulcers or openings to the bloodstream
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Yes, it is possible to contract chlamydia but not HIV; however, the risk of transmitting HIV is increased if the person had HIV.
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so this person could be HIV+ and him having Chlamydia increases the risk of passing his HIV too?
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Yes.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that would be the case.
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but it could also be that I only get chlamydia too..Its a chance right?
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Yes, that is entirely possible.  

May I ask your biological sex?  Are you male or female?  Was the rape perpetrated anally or vaginally?
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I am a female..vaginal..I assume..
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If its about a month later..can i expect any symptoms if I was infected? I know I have stomach pains..but im not sure if this is due to the stress and worry..should I assess any symptoms I might have after a decent night of sleep?
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Vaginal intercourse presents a slightly lower risk of HIV transmission because the vaginal walls are less prone to tearing than the lining of the rectum.  However, if the intercourse was forcible rape, it could result in increased tearing due to lack of your own vaginal lubrication.

What HIV test did you have done?

Have you considered going to a health department to get an oral HIV antibody test done?  You can get your results within 20-40 minutes.  This could potentially lessen your anxiety.  And oral tests are very accurate too; they test for HIV antibodies in the fluid that your gums produce (not saliva).
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hiv is a surprisingly hard virus to catch, if you didn't have any other std's at the time of the date rape chances of you getting it is favorably low. Due to your unfortunate incident you should get a hiv antibody test at 6 weeks which is up to 95%, then another one at 3 months. until then try not to loose sleep over this and good luck.
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It could have been both though..but assuming i have chlamydia i think vaginal right?
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Chlamydia can be transmitted through vaginal or anal intercourse.  We won't focus on that much more.

What test did you have done?  When did the rape occur (what date)?

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I had a blood test done today.. doc said it should be ready by monday.. I heard about the fast one..but where over the weekend?
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About a month ago it occured.
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You don't know what kind of blood test was done?

4 weeks negative result with an antibody test post exposure can give you a moderate level of confidence about your status.  The average HIV infected person will develop antibodies within 23 days.  However, it is quite possible for an infected person not to develop them for up to 3 months.

There are tests that lower the window period because they look for a specific antigen in the blood that can be detected as low as 7 days after the result.
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If you live in a major city, you can probably get rapid testing done at a local Planned Parenthood location or with an HIV/AIDS taskforce organization or with a health department.
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Im pretty sure its been longer than seven days. The test I had done was drawing blood from my arm..I have no clue what they check for..but doc said I would have to go back in 6 months. So would symptoms really show once infected? I remember feeling sick the next day after the incident occured..I thought It was due to the partying..but then i remembered I only had three drinks..thats how i new i was date raped. but i still should have been smarter to tell my partner then.I guess I was afraid he would blame me.
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not 7 days 23. sorry.
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I understand your worries about how your partner would feel, but let's hope that he is an understanding adult (and he should be!).

Symptoms would NOT occur the day after infection.  Sometimes, HIV-infected persons will have ARS 2-4 weeks after exposure, which causes enlarged (typically visibly enlarged) lymph nodes in the neck, underarm, and groin areas.  Also, there can be other flu-like symptoms.  

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I honestly would have never suspected the disease but my partner has done alot of harping on the subject and keeps reminding me that this person could possibly be from a particular area around here where it is poverty like conditions, people of color, and the under education..drugs and etc.. people who dont give a care about themselves or infecting others.And thats what scares me.
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