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HIV and life insurance

Recently I was hospitalized in India in April and came back to USA in August and applied for life insurance in August 30 and they did blood work and sent me medical blood exam but I don’t see hiv test in it but I was told that life insurance companies always do hiv test before giving policy and now they came back saying my blood pressure and colostrol was high so I need to pay high premium and they also mentioned that there are no major issues other that these two issues.
So can I assume life insurance company did hiv test and it was negative ? I
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Call your life company to find what they tested for instead of guessing.

Did you have any unprotected anal or vaginal or share hollow needles? Otherwise you had no risk anyway.
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No only worry was I was hospitalized in India for 14 days and I hope they didn’t use any bad needles etc
After my recovery I decided to take life insurance and applied for it
I heard all life insurance checks for HIV and tell you if it’s positive is this true ?
Thanks for your response
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I'm not sure why you are asking.  I did NOT have an hiv test when I got life insurance.  We already discussed on your previous thread how you had no risk for HIV and don't have HIV.
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Are you sure about it ? Did your insurance company tell you that they didn’t do hiv test or it was not present in your lab result ?
I heard that all life insurance companies do hiv test before giving policy
I have applied for life insurance with state farm
Thanks for your response
This is not a State Farm Insurance branch. It's an hiv prevention forum and you don't have hiv, no matter how much time you waste fixating on hiv thinking it can just appear from nowhere and infect you.
Most people realize that when they don't have a risk that it is time to move on  but you don't. In your case call them to find what they test for, although it is quite silly since you didn't have a risk.
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