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HIV and negative test?

Is it possible for someone to have been infected with HIV 10 or 12 years ago and still have a negative test?  I have posted before on here and the anxiety forum.  I am being treated for anxiety and went for a complete physical on Tuesday.  All of the bloodwork came back normal and the HIV test was negative.  

I have been experiencing dry mouth, loss of taste and appetite for 3 weeks now?  Is this anxiety or could it be HIV related and it's just not showing up?  My doctor said that if there was anything wrong, something would have shown up on my bloodwork.  
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I am going through extreme anxiety about my possible infection 32 days ago. I have had four HIV tests and three have been negative. The fourth test was dine today. It is the Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. I hope (and pray) that the results will be available to me on Monday.

Anyway, the reason I posted my information is that I am stressing beyond belief for the last 32 days. My anxiety levels are out of this world and I am obsessed with my symptoms. Im sure my symptoms are a result of my stress and anxiety. I cannot eat, am weak, and motivated to do nothing. Mentally, I am very ill and cry often. This is all I think about. Everything right now in my world is secondary.

With all that, you have NOTHING to worry about. The tests are accurate. If you want, take another test.

I wish we could trade spots. You are okay. Stop thinking about it. You will be okay.

Please say a prayer for me.
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No that isn't possible you don't have anything to worry about if you had HIV you could not show symptoms for 10 years but the result would come up positive ur just scared just try to relax. I also have anxiety when it comes to HIV I kno how it feels but dnt worry if ur test came back negative then your fine trust me. Good luck :)
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I know what you mean.  I will pray for you.  I feel ill, dry mouth, loss of taste, etc.  Doctor says anxiety.  
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Anyone else have any info?
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Anyone!!!!  Please??
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This is my last question.
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