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HIV and oral sex (still confused by reports)

I'm sorry that I am posting something that has already been answered numerous times in this forum, but I'm having a hard time being logical given my state of panic.  I'm losing sleep from anxiety.  I will be going to see a doctor on November 2nd for testing, which may also be part of my anxiety.  Also part of my anxiety is that I've begun a serious relationship with someone I care very much about.  We always have protected intercourse.

My situation is that I (heterosexual caucasian male) have received unprotected fellatio from three different caucasian women, each on a separate occasion, around 1.5 years ago and received unprotected fellatio from one caucasian woman about 6 months ago. I also gave unprotected cunnilingus to one caucasian woman 1.5 years ago and unprotected cunnilingus to one  caucasian woman 6 weeks ago. All occasions were a one time only event. Status of caucasian women: basically unknown although they said they were fine.

As best as I can tell, I have had no symptoms following any of these events.  No pain during urination, no discharge, no chancre sore or other sores, no rashes, and I'm pretty sure that no fever (but maybe I had a cold with mild fever at some point after one of these events).

Thoughts and questions:
1. Could I have gotten HIV from oral sex without ever having intercourse?

2. HIV transmission via oral sex is low risk, but still thought to occur.  Living in San Francisco there are ~18-20,000 people with HIV in a population of ~800,000, which means a rate as high as 2.5%.  I realize that about 1/3 of people with HIV are women, so the rate for heterosexuals is lower.  But my thought is, does this high rate of HIV reflect a high rate of unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse OR are people also getting it from unprotected oral sex?

3. A report from a panel of researchers in SF said 1-6% of HIV transmission can be attributed from unprotected passive fellatio.  So is there a risk from passive fellatio?  What about insertive fellatio, passive cunnilingus, and "insertive" cunnilingus?  I would guess it is best to distinguish the different types of oral sex and their risk for HIV transmission.

4. Are there any reports of couples were one person is HIV positive and one is HIV negative and no transmission has occurred from frequent unprotected oral sex?  

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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1. No
2. Vaginal, anal sex, IV drug use and mother to unborn/ nursing child could also be part of it.
3. See the reseach from Dr.K in SF. His study concluded no risk from oral sex. Dr.K is one of the most respected Dr's in STD's and HIV in America.
4. Study done in Spain. Over 100 couples and lasted 10 years. 1 person positive, 1 negative. Oral sex unprotected, vaginal and anal sex protected...no new infections.
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3. See the reseach from Dr.K in SF. His study concluded no risk from oral sex. Dr.K is one of the most respected Dr's in STD's and HIV in America.

Is this truthful? Why somebody said HIV infection by oral sex  reseach from SF? Chinese translation.But they no English version. Chinese version is wrong?
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