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HIV and oral sex


I am a mail and I had an encounter, where a massage lady gave oral sex for about 5 seconds. I was advised by local authorities that there was no need of spot testing for this case, but obviously I was very worried about it. So I took all the tests below with different windows period, I would like to know if you would consider conclusive my results:

30days. HIV Ag/AB (rapid, result in 1h) and PCR qualitative test. Negative
42 days. HIV 1/2 AB/Ag (Result in 4h). Negative
44 days. HIV Ag/AB (rapid) and PCR qualitative test. Negative
10 Weeks. HIV Ag/Ab (rapid, result in one 1h). Negative
12 Weeks (84 days exactly). HIV Ag/Ab (rapid, result in one 1h). Negative

I have been suffering worst anxiety ever, doctor said I am ok. But I still have seen some post where is recommended to test after 6 month after exposure. Can anyone give me your thoughts or point of view

Thanks in advance
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You never had an exposure. HIV is not transmitted by oral sex and you never needed testing.
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Hi Teak, many thanks for your answer with this speed. I understand the negligible risk or oral sex, but the fact is the lady had braces. I Was wondering if any blood on her mouth could not lead an infection.
I understand that testing was not need it, but I guess is always good to know your status.
The 12 weeks test is considered conclusive or need to retest at 13 weeks.
Sorry to ask this question again, but the amount of information you can get is huge, not always giving the same guidelines.
Thanks in advance.
PD.: You are doing a great job
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You never had an exposure.
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Thanks Teak
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Hi Teak

I am not doubting even for a second from your experience and knowledge on the field , as I said my local authorities do not request testing on my case. But I am not living on my country and the clinic where I did get conceuling,  they did recommend testing, claiming is a low risk activity, not free of risk. All this different information from different health care providers is pumping my head of anxiety and worries. I guess I should move on based as well on my tests, but I really want to learn from this experience and start helping locally.

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