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HIV and protected oral and protected vaginal sex

Hi doctor 23 days back i had a protected sex with sex worker
1.i touched her boobs and kissed her nipples with my outside lips
2.she touched my penis and rubbed and after that she tried to wore condom to my penis and she did oral sex of 5 seconds oral sex in the sense taking my penis into her mouth thats it and that too with condom(protected oral sex)
3.finally with the condom i tried to put my penis into her vagina after putting the starting tip of a condom i removed my penis from her vagina and i just ejacuated outside her vagina with condom.condom was not broken bcoz i did not even inserted my penis into her vagina
                           My problem is she touched my penis without condom and she had rubbed my penis before putting condom there is no cuts on her hand and no vaginal fluids to her hand.am i at risk please tell me.this is the sexual encounter in breif.please help me
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You had no risk.  The only ways HIV is transmitted in adults is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse (penetrating) or sharing of IV drug needles. Touching doesn't transmit the virus since it is inactivated by air. No risk.
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My hiv p24 antigen result is negative after 2 days of exposure
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Really, that's not at all helpful since you had no risk.  Not really interested in ANY test results since all will be negative with no risk. Focus on NO risk
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I have done with hiv p24 antigen today im waiting for the result
You seem to not be able to comprehend this.  You didn't have a risk.  No question regarding testing is necessary and you waste your time and ours by continuing to ask about this. You did not have a risk.  That is all you need to focus on and now move on please.
Ok thank you sir my major concern is if she had cuts on her hand and i dont have cuts in my penis and she does not have her hand contact near my uthera and then she wore condom to my penis and then she took my penis into her mouth for 3 seconds and  i ejacuated outside her vagina with condom does this encounter transmits hiv???im so depressed
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Your question was fully answered that you did not have a risk. We are closing this discussion.

*** thread closed ***
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