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HIV anxiety

I am a 23 year old male that used to work in Malaysia for 2 years. There i had i sexual experience with a prostitute. She only had her to off but kept her shorts on. She applied oil on my penis and on her body. She gave me a handjob and rubbed my penis with her nipples. I also sucked on her nipples and some oil entered my mouth. I now went back to my Country and have an HIV test i need to do to get accepted to a job. But i am really anxious as i have lumps in my neck which are painful. They have been there for 5 months now and started 3 months after my exposure. May i also add that i tested for HIV 50 days after my exposure with a test called HIV 1&2 AG/AB CMIA. Is this test a fourth generation test? Am i HIV positive?
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Your risk was never existed. Therefore any test you go for, will always be reported Negative. HIV transmission is possible only due to exchange of body fluids INSIDE the body, not outside, so one has to have an unprotected penetration for HIV to transmit.

Your 50 days test was accurate and conclusive, and yes it is a 4th generation test and considered to be conclusive anytime after 28 days. You do not have HIV
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Thank you i appreciate your fast response, So i can go to the test confident that i am negative? I never had penetrative sex before in fact that was my only sexual exposure. And what about the lumps in my neck?
Yes you can go for your HIV test is it is required to fulfill your job health requirements. Swollen lymph nodes has many reasons, other than HIV. Suggest to see a GP to get your issue sorted out, which is not due to HIV
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