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HIV because Dentist anesthesia treatment

1. if dentist use anesthesia drugs syringe to HIV positive person and after 10 min same syringe use for other person how much chance of transmit HIV
2 if chance of both having transmit and no transmit please clarify how much percent chance to being HIV + and how much chance of HIV negative
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Dentists have to follow strict guidelines so therefore that wouldn't happen.
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i know that but i want my doubt clear if it was happened like i mention what chance of transmit if u have idea please help me thanks
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I can't tell you what the chances are because to my knowledge it's never happened.
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k thanks ,, its never happen ??? i shocked i see in my front @ India  in some village the doctor not change syringe to give anesthesia drugs he was in hurry so i just want to clarify my doubt u r not going to point and ignore my exact question m very disappointed any way really thank for giving time but m really in worry and want to know my risk
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It would not be a risk because the blood on the tip of a syringe is not infectious,it becomes inactive once exposed to air.
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This is an irrational fear.  Doctors and dentists do not reuse needles.  They would set themselves up for all kinds of legal problems if they did.  Plus, they also do not do that to protect themselves.

Put it out of your mind.
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