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HIV bleeding pubic region

Well hours before I had sex with my bf I shaved my pubic region (vagina). Then he came over and we had sex. A bit of precum may have got onto the little cuts and I was probably bleeding a little from them. Does this warrant testing?
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Your cuts on your vagina do not give way to cum . These cuts are too small

You need something like wound more less like stich wound. Which won't heal up it self to let HIV in even in theory ! .

So zero no your cuts do not qualify. Blood also flows out of your body nothing gets injected . Naturally when you get injury blood will always flow outward nothing is being injected into you

But young lady

Here is the part you had sex with your bf if it was protected sex with condom then you are safe .

Also you do not know your partner is HIV positive

Feel better now? . You used condoms correct also ?
Yes it's protected. We use condoms and it didn't break. But he precums a lot and sex is extremely rough so maybe precum came out of the condom and went on my vagina.
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Condom did not break so no problem

. Cum on your vagina is no risk it's outside of the body exposed to environment think of it like mutual masturbation even if cum vaginal fluids are used to give hand job or in your case fluids got on your vagina no problem

No risk your cuts do provide acess at all . Becase they are two small . If you are worried about cuts that is zero

You had safe sex so that is fine for HIV also

You may relax but nex time how about being more comfortable as ask your bf hey how about we both get tested for HIV and other stds that way you can have sex depends if you have reached that level in a relationship

But for now you are okay since you had condoms on

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