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HIV clades

Interesting read: http://avert.org.uk/hivtypes.htm

subtype C and CRF A/E tend to fuel heterosexual epidemics (via a mucosal route).Subtype B is spread mostly by homosexual contact and intravenous drug use (essentially via blood).

CRF A/E is prevalent in south-east Asia, but originated in central Africa. Subtype B is major contributor to HIV epidemic in USA and Europe. Subtype C is largely predominant in southern and eastern Africa, India and Nepal.

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I may be criticized for this but I am getting a feeling that the transmission rates and statistics being used here are more on lines of Subtype B. This raises a very good point of discussion as subtype B is major contributor to infections within USA and is seen most amongst homosexuals.
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O_G, that is incorrect, Subtype B in the US is the main subtype for everyone. Not mostly gays, hetos too.
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I completely agree that Subtype B is most prevalant in US and exists both amongst heteros as well as homos. But,please look at the following cridible links:
1. http://www.aids.harvard.edu/news_publications/har/fall_1998/fall98-5.html
2. http://dsp-psd.communication.gc.ca/Collection-R/LoPBdP/BP/bp411-e.htm
3. http://www.aidsmap.com/cms1007271.asp

Also, I have found some other studies which prove that major heterosexual transmissions occur with subtypes A, C, D & E which do not really exist in high quantities in the U.S.

A lot of guys in this forum have posted their experiences upon talking to RN's in the testing labs in US where they have mentioned that they have not seen more than 3-4 cases of hetero transmission throughout their careers of more than 20 years. That doesn't mean there is no hetrosexual transmission of subtype B in US, Australia, UK & Japan hetrosexually but there needs to be some extraordinary conditions for that to happen like presence of menstrual blood, very high viral load and other STD's + so many other things[like extremely rare scenarios]. Moreover, a lot of experts on WWW feel that subtype B is most of the time transmitted homosexually or through IDU's.

See, people on this forum also get mad when sexual preferences are correlated with HIV transmission but with the links posted above, one can almost certainly say that SUBTYPE B which is the msjor HIV infector in developed world, heterosexuals have little to worry as compared to homosexuals. But, when SUBTYPES A,C,D & E come into picture, it doesn't matter whether you are a heterosexual or homosexual.

I hope I made some sense at least...

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What the hell do you mean hetros have little to worry about? They have just as much to worry about as gays. What group of people are having an alarming increase of HIV? Hetros.. I don't know what testing facility they go to, but I can tell you right now that where I go there are more hetro's than gays and it is alarming to the clinic. Hetros think that HIV is still just a gay disease and people like you push the information in that direction that is totally incorrect. I will say that most Hetros come to the clinics in a higher state of advance HIV disease, because of the false statement that "it's a gay disease and hetros aren't likely to get infected." You might try to give this false info to a WW, but don't try to push the false information to someone that has lived with it for 22 yrs. o_g, the best thing you could do for this forum is not post anything.
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teak (a.k.a i think I know who you are),

It seems you are taking my posting in completely wrong context again and unnecessarily being rude. When I said little to worry about for hetero males do not mean "no worry" and the links I have posted re-affirm the belief pertaining to only subtype B. And, whatever I have stated is completely inline with what Dr. H states on his forum so I am not sure why you asking me to stop posting here because nothing I am saying is out of the line with Dr. H. You are 22 yr LTNP. I appericiate your willingness to help others but your status does not give you a license to insult others. When you impart information at ........ (u know where) you say, you base that on science based 1st tier pier reviwed facts. The posting I have made above are from harvard medical and aidsmap. Do you think they are wrong? If you think they are wrong, then you can say so or prove otherwise or not believe them.

Moreover, 1 more thing - The Dr. on this forum favors a conclusive 6-8 weeks test. I have never seen you agreeing with that. You stand by 12/13 weeks(i know the site you are coming from). Is it me who should stop posting here or is it you???

See Teak, you guys already kicked me out of your site. What's your problem man. I am not coming and asking you questions there anymore as I can't.

Anyways, its Christmas time and I want to thank you for all the help you(teak) have provided me for a long time at ........(u know where). Merry christmas brother. You are a good guy....

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Now tell everyone WHY you got booted? One of the reasons was, giving out false information. Until the CDC changes it's timeline policy, I will continue to go by it. Didn't you post the MASS. testing guideline? They don't go by 6 weeks being conclusive. Your right I do not go by the 6 weeks conclusive. I do however say that it is a favorable sign. Should I quit giving out factual information or should I let you continue to give out false information? I don't think you need me to answer that.
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