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HIV exposure risk

I made these horrible mistakes in my life...i've had sex with for different sex workers..now i am in living hell..would someone please help me

day 1
i had sex with a sex worker with condom on..she gave me unprotected oral..i felt a little pain from her teeth..i told her to stop..then i put the condom on and we had sex..i didnt ejaculate..the condom was on till the end..then i went to wash and felt no cut or wound on my genital
we did kiss and i did suck her tongue a little
i had a slight crack on my upper lips

day 2
i had sex with a sex worker..she gave me a brief oral..and we had sex with condom on..i ejaculated in the condom..the condom was on till the end

day 3
i had sex with a sex worker..no oral..little kisses..and protected sex..i ejaculated in the condom..upon withdrawal..i saw blood below her ass..it was her period blood..the condom was intact till the end

day 4
sex worker gave me oral..then we had protected sex..i ejaculted in her..upon withdrawal..the condom was missing..i went to the toiler to pee and came back i saw the condom on the bed..i took the condom to the toilet and filled it with a little water..and i saw my semen in it..she did a hiv test few days later and she's negative

i've been on PEP for 3 weeks now..
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You were never at risk. All your
vaginal intercourse events were protected and oral sex is not a risk.

You don't need to test.
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i consulted a doctor online about the last csw..he said that as the condom came off..my penis might be in contact with the vaginal fluid..and i am at high risk for that..

with the 1st csw..i had cracked underlips and it was bleeding a little the day before..i sucked her tongue..am i..vulnerable for a hiv infection?
The online doctor who told you this is a quack. You cannot get HIV from someone who doesn't have it.

As for your other question, it's still not a risk. Kissing is not a risk, and nothing you can add would make it a risk.

The only sexually transmitted risk is by unprotected anal or vaginal sex. You used a condom plus your partner tested negative. You're taking PEP for nothing, which is unhealthy and could cause any number of serious side effects ranging from mildly annoying to fatal.
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