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HIV exposure

I am a gay guy, and in early September I met a guy who seemed really nice and we ended up having sex. We had sex around 3-4 times in a period of three weeks. I penetrated him using a condom all of the times, but he performed oral sex on me without condom every time we met, using a lot of saliva. We had deep and long kisses too (tongue kisses), repeatedly, and only once I performed oral sex on him, without condom, but not more than a minute, and the guy did not ejaculate in my mouth. A couple of times we had sex, we were drunk, so I don't remember all the details, but I do remember we always used a condom for anal sex.
After every sexual encounter, I had this bad taste in my mouth, and some chest discomfort, and the last couple of weeks I had cough with just a bit of sputum. I didn't think it was anything serious, until some days ago that guy told me that a couple of weeks ago he got tested for HIV and he tested positive. Needless to say, I freaked out, as I'm afraid I might have caught HIV from him. I'm going to do an HIV test too asap, thinking of doing this double test, both for antibodies and for the p24 antigen, as only 4 weeks have passed since our last encounter, and an antibody test alone would not be 100% accurate.
I know that everybody says that most gay guys would catch HIV from unprotected anal sex, but what if I got it from oral sex or deep kissing? What if he or me had some bruises in mouth? I don't have any bruises in mouth, but one of the times we met, I had this itching sensation on my upper lip that you get when you are about to have herpes, but I don't think it actually grew to a herpes rash.
Is it possible to have contracted HIV like that? If not, why do I have these symptoms, cough with some sputum, chest discomfort, bad taste in tongue? Thanks
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If you had used comdoms consistently and correctly for every episode of sex you and your partner and the condom never broke, you are safe and have nothig to worry about. Practically, oral sex is not a succesful mechanism of HIV transmission.

FYI - The duo test that you are talking about, works the best at the 4th week, 28 - 32 days poste exposure.
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what about my symptoms?
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what about them?

symptoms do not diagnose hiv.  the same symptoms of ars are also associated with numerous other common, everyday illnesses.

you were NEVER at risk from anything that you have described and do not have a hiv concern.
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