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HIV exposure

To Doc. Handsfield
Hello Doc. Do to my stupidity on trusting a lady friend's word and heat of the moment, I had HIV exposure through unprotected sex back in May 2007. In which the now former lady friend confessed her true HIV+ status. Since then I had a full blood test done in July (non reactive result), another in September, (rapid HIV mouth swab, non reactive). The first test did show immuno response to HSV 1-HSV2. Had fevers swollen lymphs, sweats disiness, and skin blemishes. I have an appointment for another test in Nov. I do need advice. Not feeling well. Cyruss  
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Did you confront this woman for wilfully exposing you? Never take a word of status from anyone. Your test was at three months, no? You have your status as conclusivly negative if so, if not test one more time (may/june/july=negative).
Most everyone shows at either 30 days/ or by 8 weeks and with some exception 12 weeks, hold tight.
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your 3 month negatives are very reassuring. follow your doctors advice and look at the outcome of your previous reactions. Don't trust anybody! It is your life not theirs.
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Hello chapeau happy new year to you and everyone reading this post. Specially those of you that have been very sopportive. Yes chapeau i confronted the woman and she showed no remores what so ever. Her words were, we are all goin to die so what are worried about. This attitude is futher renforce by the unfair legal conditions in the state of new jersey where criminal like this women are actually never persude by the law and prosecuted. The state of jersey has a love affair with crime and criminal are protected in jersey to the fullest. This is some thing that people that live in the neighboring state like ny, pa, conn, are all very well aware of. This women had the audacity to even state that she will not stop having sex with people and that she has been HIV+ since 1998 and she doesnt care who she infects. It took alot of strenth to contain my self while i listen to her savage inhumane statements. She is still out there and i always wonder who she will try to infect next. Thank goodness my most recent test three weeks ago was negative again. Thanks again, sincerely cyruss.
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While I'm not going to take the side of the woman, I certainly will not take your side. You are just as much as fault as the woman for not using a condom. It is your responsibility to protect your own health. If you can't afford condoms you can pick them up for free at any STD clinic or planned parent hood clinic or at any ASO office in your area.
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