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HIV from Nuru Massage

Two days back I visited a Nuru Massage parlor and the following events happened:

1. The therapist girl gives me a shower
2. I lie naked in the bed, she applies warm nuru gel on my body and slides her naked body on mine
3. During the massage her vagina may have rubbed on the back of my body
4. I lie face up and she does similar moves but no penetration at all
5. She sits on my thighs and rubs my unprotected penis with her ***, vagina rubs my testicles
6. I touch her vagina and anus briefly with my hands
7. She gives me a shower agin after the massage is finished
8. I put on a condom, she gives me oral sex and vaginal sex, while the condom was intact
9. After finishing, she examines the condom and it was not torn
10. I quickly wash my penis thoroughly but did not take shower

I told the girl earlier that I will pay her more money if she agrees to have unprotected sex and she denied. I did this on purpose to check how health conscious she was. She also told me that they have a weekly health checkup in one of the big hospitals.

From this description, is there any risk of HIV or STDs for me? I am dying due to guilt and anxiety and feel all sort of problems like dry eyes, dry mouth, pain in joints and pelvic area etc. Is testing warranted in this case?

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Nothing in your situation that can put you at HIV risk. No testing is needed, as long as there is no unprotected penetration, which never existed in your case
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Thanks for the reassurance, what about other STDs?
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And is your answer true even if the girl was hiv positive with a high viral load?
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1. we are not here to play "what if"
2. No risk no matter what
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Thanks for your very quick responses and reassurance. I have in fact read all similar answers on Medhelp and the body, all of which suggest that there is no risk. But you know, it is very difficult to get peace of mind in this situation.

A worried mind can really humble a person and make them behave irrationally. I am sure you would be handling too many queries like this and I appreciate your patience.

Shall I post my questions about other STDs in a different forum?
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Yes, in the STD forum please.
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Last question, is vaginal sex with condom 100% protected?
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Theoretically speaking - no, not 100%. In reality - yes, it is.
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