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Dear all,

  I have a question. I know it has been discussed but never pointed on a particular scenario. Man receiving oral sex from woman. What are the chances of getting HIV from this scenario?

  I received oral sex from a masseuse in a massage place. I had no bruises on my penis. I don't know if she had problems in her mouth, bleeding or something. The thing lasted for about 3-5 min.

  Then, I don't know how this scare got into me, and started having panic attacks, and big anxiety.

  I got testes as follows:
- After 3 weeks and 3 days (24 days). On the test it was saying immunoassay using Abbott determine method. - Negative (it lasted 15-20 min to get the result)
- After 6 weeks and 3 days (45 days). The technician said its ELISA test (he didn't seem to know exactly). Negative. It lasted 1 hour (he said will take one hour for the results). So was different method than first one.
- After 6 weeks and 4 days (46 days). Again the Abbott determine in the first clinic. Negative. (20 min)
- After 9 weeks - ELISA in the second clinic. Negative.
- After 11 weeks. Again the Abbott determine method in the first clinic. Negative

The question is: Should I get tested again at 13 weeks (I keep reading that this is the line). Isn't it enough all these above?
Also, how much it counts the type of test? Meaning, can it be after 3 months with ELISA or 6 months with other? What about the ones they use in the 2 clinics above?

  Also, the panic increased as I had the following "symptoms":
- After few days from encounter I got testicle pain. I had a consult, Eco and urine culture. It was staphylococcus infection. I took antibiotics. I was recommended to take another round in one month. After the first round and after second round took urine culture and was cleared.
- After 6 weeks I got some fever, and flu symptoms. I correlated it with being out in one night in open air, windy outside and about 18-19 degrees. I had also pain the throat. It lasted for about a week.
- After 12 weeks (now) - I took again urine culture, don't know the results yet, as the testicle pain reappeared and I am afraid that the infection is back, and my HIV panic reactivated.

Thanks for your help.
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You never had an exposure and didn't need testing for HIV.

"And oral sex is basically safe sex -- completely safe with respect to HIV and although not zero risk for other STDs, the chance of infection is far lower than for unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Please educate yourself about the real risks. If you stick with oral sex and condom-protected vaginal or anal sex, you have no HIV worries and very little worry about other STDs. " DR HANSFIELD

"I am sure you can find lots of people who believe that HIV is transmitted by oral sex, but you will not find scientific data to support this unrealistic concern..." DR HOOK

"HIV is not spread by touching, masturbation, oral sex or condom protected sex."- DR. HOOK

in the public HIV Prevention forum of MedHelp, TEAK and the other moderators maintain that oral sex in all forms is a zero risk activity. Would you agree with this assessment?

"HIV is not spread by masturbation, through oral sex, through kissing or other casual contact." Dr. Hook

"The observation on thousands and thousands of observations is that HIV is not spread by oral sex (of any sort)." DR HOOK

"I would not say your risk ,if he had HIV is "slim to none"- that's too high.  I would say they are effectively zero.  How much of his ejaculate or other genital  secretions you may have swallowed makes no difference.  EWH "

"As far as HIV is concerned, there is no known risk of getting HIV from performing oral sex on an infected partner, even if that person's genital secretions get into your eyes or if you swallow." Dr.Hook
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WOW! That is GREAT good info.  Thanks Teak
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