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HIV from friends cut

Hi, i'm a 16 year old girl. Last night, my promiscuous friends phoned me and said she was near my house and was having some trouble and needed somewhere to stay for the night. I went to go collect her and she was with this sleezy looking man who had just been having sexual contact with another girl and was apparantely trying to involve my friend in the sexual activity. So basically, my friend had possibly been doing dodgey sexual stuff with these people, and therefore could have contracted hiv. When we got back to my house she told me she had a cut in her foot but we slept in the same bad and my foot rubbed against her foot. Is there a risk of my friend giving me hiv from the cut on her foot if it went against my skin?
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zero risk..

hiv is only transmitted by
from mother to unborn child
sharing iv needles
unprotected anal/vaginal sex
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